Lutron Lighting Integration

How do I integrate Lutron Lighting with my account and what devices are compatible? supports the following Lutron solutions:

  • Caséta Wireless
  • RadioRA 2 with firmware 6.1.0 or above
  • Homeworks QS with firmware 5.1.0 or above

Important: An internet connection is required for Lutron Integration. All communication with Lutron devices are routed through a gateway (i.e. Smart Bridge Pro for Caséta Wireless, Repeater for RadioRA 2, and Processor for HomeworksQS) that is connected to the internet via an Ethernet connection.

Caséta® Wireless
Caséta Wireless is a wireless mini-system that’s ideal for individual control in a single room, or a smaller home or condominium. Smart Bridge Pro is required for integration with

RadioRA® 2
RadioRA 2 is a wireless system that’s ideal for coordinated control in a few rooms or a whole home (up to 5, 000 square feet).

Utilizes back-lit, custom engraved keypads.
Controls the full line of Lutron wireless shading styles.
Controls lights and shades simultaneously.

Homeworks® QS
Homeworks QS is a wireless, wired, or hybrid system for control of a whole home (up to 30 000 square feet or more)

What features are supported with the Lutron Integration?

  • Plug-in switch and dimmer control
  • In-wall switch and dimmer control
  • Light schedules
  • Pico control
  • Scenes/ Phantom buttons/ Virtual buttons
  • Keypad control
  • Individual shade control (Venetians coming soon)

Lutron Integration with your account through Surety requires Surety Home or Surety Complete service.

To get started with Lutron Caseta:

  1. Log into the ADC Website.
  2. Click Settings .
  3. Click Manage Devices .
  4. Click Add Device .
  5. Click Lighting and Appliance Control .
  6. Click Caseta Pro / RA2 Select Main Repeater .
  7. Click Begin Installation .
  8. Enter the email address and password associated with the Lutron account, then click Sign In .
  9. Click Authorize .
  10. It may take several minutes before the device appears on the account.

To get started with Lutron RadioRa 2 or Homeworks, please submit a secure message request to our team and include the Serial Number from your main repeater or Homeworks processor.

As of 6/8/2020 the following Lutron features are supported:

What features are supported with the Lutron Integration?

  • Plug-in switch and dimmer control
  • In-wall switch and dimmer control
  • Light schedules
  • Individual shade control

Keypads, Lutron Scenes, and Pico remote controls through are no longer supported.

Interesting because I still see my Lutron Radio RA2 keypads, scenes and Picos in the app and they work fine. Firmware and apps are all up to date.

According to notes from 6/8/2020, these features are no longer supported. It does say that the roll out may take a few weeks for all accounts. Let me know if you still see this functionality in a couple weeks.

I’m considering a few Lutron solutions, blinds specifically for now. Does it seem like a separation between the platform and Lutron is coming? -Thanks

I couldn’t say for certain as nothing has been announced however, since 6/8 compatibility has been integrated for retail versions of the caseta smart bridge system (L-BDG2-WH) as well as some dealer and customer facing integration tools through the app have been made available.

So I don’t believe they would add those features if they were planing on doing away with Lutron integration.