Low battery warning1

Panel Low Battery indicates that the backup battery in your security panel is drained, which typically happens after an AC power failure. To resolve the issue, let the battery recharge. If the battery cannot recharge, it may need to be replaced by support.

It appears this is related to this thread:

We need to know a little more about the state of the system. It appears the system may not be powered currently. Can you confirm if the system is powered up?

Is the battery plugged in currently? Open the panel and double check that the battery cable is not loose or unplugged.

Replacement batteries for the IQ Panel 2+ are available here:

Hi Jason,

Followed your instructions. See attached screen shot .

Thanks for that image. The panel is still not responding or signaling, but that image inadvertently reveals why.

Did you swap your panel out at some point? It looks like your IMEI number on the panel you sent a photo of does not match the IMEI that you activated on your account originally.

If you switched out the panel, the new IMEI would need to be assigned to your account. The panel is linked to the Alarm.com account via that IMEI number, allowing it to communicate. You can fix that by visiting the Surety System Manager here and select Swap Cellular Module/Panel.