Loss of supervision on my 2GIG

I had a fire. Power was disconnected from the home, the 2GIG panel was driving everyone crazy so I disconnected the back up battery for 2 weeks. Now we have power and battery has been connected, now
I have loss of supervision on my 2GIG

The trouble alert I see is transceiver supervision failure. This means the panel cannot tell that the wireless sensor transceiver is connected and working.

To troubleshoot, power down the system fully by unplugging the transformer, then open the panel and unplug the battery. Remove the silver transceiver brick near the cell module and make sure there are no bent or damaged pins.

Reinstall the transceiver and make sure all pins are aligned and inserted correctly. It is possible to install it misaligned which will cause it to fail.

Then insert battery, close panel, and plug in transformer. Any change?

I tried that and it did not fix it. My house was hit by lightning, could that have fried the transceiver? Instead of just trying to replace the transceiver would it make sense to replace the entire panel. I have a 8 year old 2GIG panel.

The main panel in mounted on the wall in the living room, If I send you the old panel can you download the programming and upload it into a new panel? I have two more remote wall panels one in the foyer and one in the master bedroom, will these be compatible?

It is possible the transceiver was damaged if there was a lightning strike. You could either attempt to replace the transceiver or replace the panel with one compatible with 345Mhz 2GIG sensors.

Options would be another 2GIG (the Edge is the most recent panel release) or the Qolsys IQ Panel 4 345Mhz version. We only sell the Qolsys panels at this time. You can find the 345Mhz version of the panel below.

It would be compatible with 345Mhz 2GIG sensors. It would not work with the TS1 secondary keypads , those would need to be replaced with a compatible secondary keypad like the IQ Remote.

If I send you the old panel can you download the programming and upload it into a new panel?

No, you would program sensors into the new panel after receiving it. A guide to programming the IQ Panel 4 345Mhz version is found below:

If you would like to try a new transceiver instead you would need the XCVR2 for compatibility with any TS1 keypads.

is this what I need?

Yes, that is the 345/900mhz XCVR2 transceiver. If you have TS1 keypads that is the one you would need.