Loss of Supervision: GC3 with 2GIG Recessed Door Contact

I’m having continued “Loss of Supervision” alarms with my 2GIG GoControl3 panel (named “Grovetown”) and two 2GIG Recessed Door Contact (345MHz, not Z-wave) sensors.

  • Both are installed well within range of the panel (within about 30 feet)
  • Both are installed into wood doors, with no nearby metal to attentuate the signal.
  • Both have had batteries changed to known-good brand-new lithium batteries
  • The panel responds to tripping the sensors (by opening or closing the doors), but the loss of supervision alarms persist.
  • The weirdest part: The loss of supervision alarms persist even after setting the sensors’ zones setting for “Sensor Supervised?” to Disabled !

Here’s my settings: (Zones 66 & 67)

  • Sensor Type: 10 (Interior with Delay) or 05 (Day Zone)
  • Sensor Equipment Type: Contact
  • Equipment Code: 0863 - 2GIG Recessed Door
  • Serial Numbers: (Confirmed good by tripping the sensors)
  • Smart Areas Assignment: S1
  • Sensor Loop: Loop 1
  • Voice Discriptor: Upstairs Crawl Space Storage Door Left ( / Right)
  • Sensor Reports: Enabled
  • Sensor Supervised: Enabled (or even Disabled!)
  • Sensor Chime: Voice Only

I cannot make heads or tails of these alarms. Can Surety help?

So, skipping past anything else, obviously a zone programmed with Supervision Disabled should not be throwing supervision errors. Something is amiss there, and there may be some confusion.

For example, if you disabled supervision while there was an active alert, it would likely still be displayed in Alarm.com as a status until the sensor actually reported again through opening/closing.

I do see the zones had some offline malfunctions on 10/11/2021, however as I look back through your history, those are the only events I see for those sensors. There are no offline reports from any other day.

Can you clarify what you mean by “continued” alarms? Is the panel displaying malfunctions for those zones more frequently than is reported to Alarm.com?

Is this a 2GIG GC3 or GC3e?

Is the sensor model the 2GIG DW20R-345?

The Loss of Supervision alarms persist on the home screen of the GC3 panel. (Please ignore that they and others are open at the moment – contractors are now here working in these areas). See attached.

When supervision is enabled, these alarms are audible during the day. Also, we may have to bypass these alarms to arm the panel.

Model number is correct, purchased from Surety here, so 2GIG-DW20R-345.

Panel 3 vs 3E, I’m not certain on how to tell if I do have a 3E. Any advice there?

It’s very odd ADC does not show that as an active issue. In the past we’ve seen some issues with GC3 “smart areas” (partitions) where some notifications on the panel do not clear properly.

If you click on smart areas do you have the trouble reporting in the proper partition? Are you able to acknowledge them there?

If you power down the panel completely, transformer first, then battery, wait 30 seconds, then plug in the battery followed by the transformer. Does the supervision issue come back within the first few hours after boot up?