List of recommended settings to change from default?

I recently purchased an IQ Panel 4, and I was wondering if anyone has a recommended list of settings to change/review on the panel that differ from the default. For example, I found other posts about reducing the dialer delay, which I just did. Are there other settings I should think about changing?

For example, if I own PowerG sensors, should I be enabling “PowerG RF Jam Detection UL 20/20”? Or “Jam Detection”? What about “Panel Glass Break Detector”? What is the recommended siren timeout?

Would appreciate any guidance or tips! Thanks!

Most settings will be fine at defaults. Personal system usage will dictate changes to commonly changed settings such as Entry delay timers, etc.

Please view the panel installation manual for a description of settings.

Dialer Delay is one we recommend disabling.

Jam detection is recommended. Use of the Panel glass break detector is dependent on whether the panel is in a location to detect the glass breaking. Glass break detector range is described on page 133 of the manual.