Lag time in alarm reset after zone closed

We currently have:
DSC PC5010
DSC PowerSeries LDC5500 panel
It has worked very well for 17 years. I recently installed a EyezOn EVL4 card in order to connect my system to my network and afford me with a ePanel to arm and disable away from home. It worked perfect for 10 days. There is now a significant delay in the system being ready to arm after a zone is closed. zone(door) opens the panel chimes immediately, zone closes (door) there is no chime for 2 to 10 minutes and in this period the system cannot be armes. in essence the zone is still open. I can arm the system if I bypass that zone.
Also, a zone with fewer sensors takes a much shorter time delay to reset.
any input…

Surety is an service provider and we offer support here for compatible equipment and services. The devices mentioned are incompatible and we do not provide support for EyezOn/envisalink products. Other users may chime in though.

Can you suggest another compatible addon to my system that would allow me to connect to my network via RJ45 or wifi. I much prefer RJ45 due to privacy and security issues.

I can only provide guidance on methods to use the equipment with service, and unfortunately there are no compatible communicators for that model of DSC panel, the PC5010 is not supported.

Some models of DSC panels are supported by the System Enhancement Module (SEM). It is compatible with the DSC PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 V4.2 and higher.

Replacement of the DSC panel with a newer powerseries panel would be needed to use the SEM. It is a dual path cellular and ethernet communicator for use with monitoring through an dealer.

You could optionally replace the panel with the DSC Powerseries Neo which has its own communicator model or Qolsys IQ Pro which has communicators built in instead.

Optionally you could instead replace the panel with a hardwired to wireless translator and use an all-in one system with built in communicators like the IQ Panel 4.

Update… I have replaced my PC5010 board with a PC 5020 which essentially now is a PS 864 system. My system does not maintain any additional add-on modules.
Currently, certain zones when opened would not close for an extended period of time. Given enough time they would close. All zones have continuity, all resistors are good, all power on the main board is good. My system cannot be armed until the last zone is closed which can take up to hour or by bypassing that zone. However, if I hard reboot the system the open zones close immediately and the system is ready to be armed. I don’t know how a sensor can be bad when my multimeter shows continuity. Any Ideas?
There is no way I can have you monitor my home in its current state.

I have replaced my PC5010 board with a PC 5020 which essentially now is a PS 864 system. My system does not maintain any additional add-on modules.

The 5020 is not a panel we support.

Surety is an service provider and we provide support on this website for compatible systems. To be compatible your system would need to be a DSC PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 V4.2 or higher.

Given your description I think the best bet would be to reach out to a local alarm installer to investigate and identify the issue.

In general it sounds like the resistance on the sensor circuits may be borderline too high. I cannot provide any support on Eyezon products and can’t confirm whether its connection to the panel may be influencing this behavior.

Apologize, as I thought you supported DSC systems in general. I completely removed the DSC PC 832 system along with the Eyezon module and replaced it with PC 864 and still the same behavior. My concern is if I again upgrade to the PC 1832 or 64, I will still have the same issue. After I upgraded to the PC864 without the Eyezon board and still the exact same result, I felt it was a resistor issue. If I upgrade to a PC 1832, can you assist me as well as monitor my system? If I resolve my issue with my PC 864 can you monitor this system for me?

To get monitoring your system would need to be a DSC PC1616/PC1832/PC1864 V4.2 or higher, with an SEM installed. The SEM contains the cellular communicator needed to register your account and connect to our service. A guide on compatibility and installing the SEM 300 is linked below:

The issue you are describing sounds very much like the resistance is borderline high or wiring is loose somewhere. Double check to make sure no sensor wires were knocked loose during installation or the Eyezon module. Wire quality isn’t always uniform and older wires can be brittle where exposed.