Just resubscribed and temp Alarm.com pass not working

I can not connect my equipment because I can not log into alarm.com

Alarm.com login can only occur once your system has started communicating again with Alarm.com. You will see a failure message and it will redirect to the login page.

It looks like you have submitted the activation form. Your system has not started communicating again yet. Have you run a cell test from your panel in the activation steps?

I have, multiple times. I just checked my account and it says my payment is still processing. Is it tied to this?

Test just timed out again for about 10th time

Is it tied to the payment processing?

Payment is now showing completed and Ive been trying to get a test signal for over an hour, just timed out again

No, it has nothing to do with the “processing” status of a payment. The order was placed successfully and you have activated your account. The Alarm.com account is active, it just needs to see that communication from the panel in order to be accessible.

The panel must communicate with Alarm.com first before you will be able to login. There is no other hurdle or consideration at this time.

To troubleshoot the issue with cellular signaling, first reboot your panel. Settings > Advanced Settings > Reboot panel.

Wait about 5 minutes after boot up, then try another cell test. If no success, connect the panel to wifi and update the firmware via the steps below before trying another cell test: