Jumpers on the back of used image sensor?

there is no jumpers on the used unit I bought off ebay. Should there be and if so where do they go? when im in learn mode on the panel i get a “The learn operation failed”

I also got a second device with it. Looks like maybe an old 900mhz tramceiver? The item I purchased on Ebay was not the one in there photo…

looks like my sensor is a ADC-IS-200-LP instead of the ADC-IS-200-GC that was pictured. But according to this link it says the LP also works with the with the 2gig go control panel.


this link says the LP is not compatible… GErrrr Damn Ebay!

according to this link it says the LP also works with the with the 2gig go control panel.

Not compatible. You need ADC-IS-100-GC, or ADC-IS-200-GC (“GC” stands for “GoControl”, and 200 model is second generation with increased battery life, and ability to do background captures. The 100 model was notorious for poor battery life, and constant malfunction for loss of supervision/signaling)

Also, the wrong batteries are in sensor. They need to be lithium, not alkaline. for why, see: Image Sensor low batteries

Yep, unfortunately the items pictured are not 2GIG compatible parts.

You will want to contact the seller for replacement or refund. Did they advertise those as 2GIG?

It was pictured as a GC


It also looked like this inside . Batteries exploded and all.

Yep, even if it was the correct model, that is a very poor condition device, probably inoperable, with obvious corrosion. I would advise contacting the seller ASAP.

I did no reply at all. I’ll file a despute in a few days and in the mean time order the correct one from you guys. That’s what I get trying to save 40$

QC is also no good right? he offered to send it to me for 12$ and keep the LP

do you have a Qolsys?

if you have a GOCONTROL then you can only use a GC

No the 2GIG , Why cant people take pictures of there ACTUAL used stuff they sell.