Is allowing Google home to sync the zwave devices in the ggoogle home app?

I tried about 4 years ago and I had to said Hey Google “ask” to turn the lights on. Also, google home did not show the lights on the Google home app if I wanted to see an specific light I had to go The integration about 4 years ago was a terrible headache with Google assistant. Do you know if the integration between and Google home app have gotten better in 2023? Also, can I group my lights and zwave devices from the Google home app or have to be solely on

Integration with Google Home is for voice control, it does not give parallel app control of the system or add features for devices connected to the alarm panel.

You can find setup steps here:

One thing you can do is use Google Routines to create multiple effects for one voice command, sort of a vocal scene.

I don’t know about google home specifically but on the Alexa side it has improved to where I can say Alexa, turn on the front porch light and she does. The only one I still have to say tell is lock actions for whatever reason

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Can you see the devices on the Alexa app?( like zwave lights or locks ?)

yes I can

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