IQPanel2 - No master code

The previous owner has IQPanel2 in the kitchen. The device was used under Smith Thompson, I believed the service has been cancelled. When I check Surety website, it indicates that the IMEI is clear and it can be activated. However, I do not have the master code to get to Settings menu to do Cellular Test. BTW, I already signed with Surety with hoping that it can help to unlock the panel. Any advises would be greatly appreciated!

Try installer code 1111 or 2222

I already tried those codes but no luck. It seems that they had changed the default code on the panel.

hmmm do u anything in system manger in surety website that says anything about resetting installer code

This is what I see in System Manager:

"It looks like has started sending initial commands to your system. The link below will log you into

:warning: There may be a short delay in when recognizes your panel is signaling. Please allow a couple minutes after running your cell test to login.

If you did not run a cellular communication test yet, please do so now to ensure you can login via the link below. Your panel needs to have successfully started communicating with to be able to login."

And at the moment, for some reason, my login does not work with and when i tried to reset password, their reset email password - link takes me back to login page. I could not reset account password.

Hopefully tech support can help when they come back in Monday did u buy this off eBay or anything ?

I got this unit from the previous homeowner and I see Smith Thompson on the panel. I want to unlock this panel so I can do self monitoring.

Is it possible to change Installer and dealer code back to default? I am sure that Smith Thompson has set to their own code.

I saw this post - Get dealer code

How do I request to default Dealer code to [2222]? As I mentioned, I do not have access the installation screen, and 1111 and 2222 are not working. Thanks!

Typically knowledge of at least one of the codes (Master, Installer, or Dealer) is required.

We cannot send commands to a panel that is not yet responding to Rather, we can send them but they will not be processed at the system.

You’ve made some login attempts and has started sending some commands to the panel but the panel has yet to actually respond.

I’ve sent some additional ping commands to try and kick start communication, but there is no guarantee this would be successful.

It may be necessary to reach out to your realtor and request the master code from the old owner.