Get dealer code

I recently purchased a newly built home with a qolsys panel, 3 door sensors and 1 motion sensor installed. The alarm company that installed the system was not great to deal with so I chose to activate my system with Surety and never connected my system to them.
Getting the installer code from them took weeks of pestering them. It seems they believe that even though I paid for the system I should not have access to it. I need the dealer code to make time/date adjustment to my panel and remove their advertising pictures from my panel.
Can surety give me my dealer code or reset the dealer code so that I might have full access to my system? The only company I have used to connect to is Surety. Thanks for your time.

Certainly, I sent a command to default the dealer code to 2222. Wait about 5 minutes then try accessing using 2222.

Sorry to hear you had issues with the other vendor. If you need to change your installer code as well you can actually do so through the Surety System Manager remotely for many panel models (including Qolsys IQ Panel 2+).

Wow. That was easy. Thank you so much!

Wow. That was easy.

It should be. Let me know if we can be of further assistance!