Iq4 main panel unresponsive and black

Our main panel is black and unresponsive. It is flashing green lights. We don’t hear our window or door chimes anymore and can’t get the main screen to respond at all. We use it plugged in with the provided power cord. We’ve tried unplugging and plugging back in to no avail. Is there a fix for this?

I am sorry to hear that but I am happy to assist.

The panel appears to be powered and pings to the module are successful at this time, so the panel is communicating.

To troubleshoot try the following:

Hold the button down on the side for 3-5 seconds, does the screen come back on?

If not, disarm the system remotely then Power Cycle the panel and leave it off for 10 minutes. Check wiring both at the power supply and panel to ensure it is connected correctly, not come loose, and that the wires are not pinched, frayed, or damaged.

During the time the power is off, also check to ensure the battery is plugged in and not bloated/pillowed