IQ2 Panel Wont Boot, Blinks Green

My panel went black last night. I noticed when my I went to remote disarm the alarm via the app and nothing happened.

Upon seeing the panel was black (with no blinking lights) I held the power button to reboot. The screen is trying to get color and now the green light just blinks. I removed the panel from the wall and unplugged, which did nothing. Ive held the button power button down to no avail as well.

I have ample wifi coverage, plenty of cell coverage. The only thing different I did was use a ZWave GE plug for my xmas tree, which I used for the first time in a year tonight.

Any insight here would be appreciated.

To follow up, I just logged into my ADC account online to disarm. and saw this activity alert at 530 this am:

partition1 Not Responding since 11:41 pm on Saturday, December 5 2020

To follow up again, the panel wont disarm via ADC. So… am I stuck in my house? This is no bueno.

Follow up #3. I pulled the battery out and reset and had the same thing occur. When you initially press the power button the light is red, then the screen gets lit up in the background (still a black screen) and the flashing light goes green. Itwill flash green fast first before going to a more 1 sec pace.

I tried a hard reset. After 20 secs the light flashed red green and amber quickly before turning solid red again. I tapped power and we’re back to the flashing green.

Im going to need to leave my house soon. Can I do this without triggering an alarm?

Is there another channel for support? Phone or email? Please let me know, as I’m not sure what to do here.

Surety support is all online. This is the best place to go, you can also send private messages if you prefer, or if you need to provide personal details. Apologies for any delay, this is a frustrating issue, and can be difficult to troubleshoot.

Unfortunately it sounds like the panel itself is experiencing a hardware failure.

Did you have any storms around that time? I don’t see anything odd leading up to the last time it reported signals to It appears to be a very abrupt drop.

Are you able to test the DC power coming from the transformer with a voltmeter/multimeter? Testing between the terminals would help tell us if it is a power application issue.

Hi Jason. No storms or power surges or anything of the such.

The panel has been a little wonky over time. See my prior posts about the panel flashing white over the summer.

I’ve tried running the panel on just battery and in a different panel that I know is on a diff breaker on my electrical panel.

For whatever reason, it just wont fire. You se the led getting power but it doesnt go anywhere. It essentially just has light in the background while that green light just blinks

I would want to verify the power output of the transformer just in case it has been under-powering the panel. Also, are you using your own cable, how long is the power cable? What gauge wire?

The other step I would try in this case is an extended power down. Leave the panel unplugged and powered off for a few hours. After plugging back in any difference?

Im using the cord the panel came with.
The panel was turned off last night with the battery connection removed. I tried powering up the panel today, both while plugged in and while just on battery.

I unfort dont have the ability to test the power. The same outlet has successfully ran a IQ panel 1 for 5 years, and the IQ2 for the last 2 years.

Im using the cord the panel came with

Ok, that’s fine, just checking, sometimes panel issues like this that present as hardware failures/partial bootup can be caused by underpowering the panel.

The wall outlet isn’t in question, it is the white plug-in DC transformer that came with the IQ Panel that I would test, but admittedly it is a long shot, so it is not worth stressing over if you do not have a meter. Your previously submitted question about the prior screen issues
added to this just makes me suspect lower than necessary voltage over a period of time.

Just to confirm, is that the 5 VDC, 5.5 VDC, or 7 VDC model of power supply? It will say on a sticker on the underside of the plug.

It is likely that the panel has suffered an irreversible hardware failure. Considering the panel has lost all communication, it is more than just a display error, the panel fails to boot.

Was this IQ Panel 2 purchased from us or did you get it elsewhere? If it is over 2 years old warranty would likely not be possible unfortunately, but you would need to double check with the vendor where it was purchased.

The panel would need to be replaced. An IQ Panel 2+ 319.5 Mhz version would be a replacement. It doesn’t look like you use image sensors so everything you have now will work with the new panel.

If you purchase one through us here as a replacement a free month of service would be applied to your account.

Please be sure to use the new white power transformer that comes with the panel. Do not use the old one with the new panel.

Output is 5.5

It’s a second hand panel I purchased.

Ok, the 5.5 is less likely to have a low voltage issue than the 5.

I would replace. Use the link in the prior message to get just the panel and a free month will be applied to your account. However you can get a new one anywhere to use with our service.

You can swap the IMEI of the panel connected to your account through the System Manager here when you get the replacement.

In the interim, will it be difficult to switch back to the IQ1 panel?

There are cases where I can revert a module to a previous 3G one on an account, but I believe there is a strict time-limit on that as far as how soon after a swap from the 3G it can be done.

3G is being sunset by the major carriers and will no longer function after 2022. no longer allows 3G activation generally. If it has been a while, that module may have been deactivated by the carrier.

Please send us the IMEI of the IQ Panel in private message here, I’ll give it a shot and let you know if successful.