Iq2+ dropping z-wave network every few days

My iq2+ is dropping z-wave on all devices every few days and it need to be rebooted to start working again. This just stared from nowhere and it has been going on for about two weeks. I know there are problems with patch 681 for z-wave if it was apply after 2.5.2. I also know that there is no fix until 2.5.3. will come out as that will rewrite binaries that were damaged by 681.

Don’t worry if you install 681 now most likely you already have revise version and if you install old 681 and then 2.5.2 then you on as well. only installing 2.5.2 and then old 681 cause problems.

Posting this to see if anyone else is getting this kind of reaction from this software error.

Also will like to know if there is a way of installing 2.5.2 again from like a SD card to overwrite binarrys. I know it won’t work using patch version once installed but from SD card ? anyone ever try?

getting tired of restarting my panel every few days just to have everything working.

Technically the issue at play is updating from 2.5.0 to anything above 2.5.0. 2.5.0 has the instability, and causes an error when 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 is applied afterward, overwriting some data.

There is no way to reapply 2.5.2. 2.5.3 will resolve any issue caused by this particular set of errors.

It is likely that the Z-wave network is unstable and being affected by the update error yes.

Can you try removing the Energy Meter? If you delete the HEM does the panel Z-wave stabilize?

I can removed if this will help for now. Why you think is HEM causing that? is that a know fix for now

No, it is not a known fix, but specific changes were made to the Z-wave software to permit use of the HEM and resolve stability issues, and the update may have affected that. What you are describing sounds very similar to the originally reported issues with HEMs impacting the network.

@jwcsurety I can remove it when I get home. Can I just unplug power and leave it pair to the panel or you want me to clear it out of the panel?

It should be cleared from the panel.

Ok will do


Deleted and network been rediscovery. Do I have to do anything else for this to work?

So 2.5.3 should take care of all this problems we are experiencing.

Deleted and network been rediscovery. Do I have to do anything else for this to work?

That’s all I would test right now. Give it some time and see if there is any effect.

So 2.5.3 should take care of all this problems we are experiencing.

It should walk back anything caused by 2.5.0 to 2.5.1 or 2.5.2 update overwriting and causing z-wave errors.

Today network start going down again. Hem is not on the system. Had to reboot panel to get zwave back working

What is the model number of the following devices:

Outside Front Lights
Outside Patio Light
Outside Side Door Light
Garage Light
Dining Room Light

Jason all my switches are all ge and zooz. I had them all for about 5 years before I switch to you guys. Never had a problem until few weeks back when I report it.

That’s fine, but those specific devices are not reporting all product data on the back-end.

Can you please confirm the model numbers of those named devices?

I would have to remove wall plates from all of those. I try to get to it some time this week. Any news on 2.5.3

No tech bulletin for 2.5.3 yet on the Qolsys dealer site, but I think it was expected either this week or next originally. Should be pretty soon.

I know they mist last Monday the 10th and I was told it should be this Monday the 17th to for release

just curious, about the 2.5.3 update, since we know it will involve the update with the Z-wave radio (among others), do we need to clear and add ALL z-wave devices (like we had to do when updating to the SDK 6.81), or will it just be simply like a regular update?

@xeon I don’t think we have to clear zwave devices, it will only rewrite certain binary files that were compromise by sdk. I never had to clear my zwave after sdk everything was fine.

I believe I must be having the same issue, I have some switches that randomly stopped working (including a Qolsys bulb). It originally was constrained to a single bulb and the problem coincided with a power outage where the power came on/off several times…so I suspected that perhaps the one Z-wave bulb was damaged and forked over the ridiculous $$ that Z-wave bulbs go for, only to find the same exact problem. I can add the device to the network, it just never works and fails on any network discovery.

So glad to have wasted $$ on this and to have been given no warning as to this bug being in the system. This problem has really tampered how much I would recommend Qolsys to anyone, as this is a horrendous bug and I found nothing about it prior to this thread. Qolsys needs to stop hiding information behind a “dealer” network, it is 2020.