IQ Remote PowerG Pairing Issues

Just received an IQ Remote PowerG and I am having issues pairing with my IQ Panel 4.

Using the Automatic Add Sensor method the IQ Panel 4 “finds” and “adds” the IQ Remote. The IQ Remote launches the app but then fails to control the IQ Panel 4. I cannot ARM or DISARM the alarm and cannot access the setting of the IQ Remote PowerG.

What options should be selected in the Auto Learn screen when the IQ Remote PowerG is found?

I have followed the install guide. I have searched for videos on installing the IQ Remote PowerG but have been unsuccessful at locating.

What options should be selected in the Auto Learn screen when the IQ Remote PowerG is found?

You shouldn’t need to select anything, the default settings allow you to arm/disarm from the iq-pg. The below are the defaults from a fresh pairing where the keypad was paired via auto learn mode using the PowerG pairing button from the IQPG:

Sensor DLID: xxx-xxxx
Sensor Type: Keypad
Sensor Group: 0-Fixed Intrusion
Sensor Name: As Desired
Chime Type: None
Voice Prompts: On
Source: PowerG

Can you post a picture of the IQPG home screen? What FW is your main panel on?

IQ Panel 4
Software Version 4.2.1-ADCS 9.12.2
Build 20221003_b2

Hardware Version Rev 1
PowerG Modem Firmware 3.0
Radio Firmware 83.2

IQ Remote PowerG Home Screen

You need to be on 4.3.0 FW for IQ PG support

Delete the pairing, reset the IQ-PG, then update FW on the main panel and re-pair. Firmware patch notes and update instructions can be found below:

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That Fixed It!

One other question regarding IQ Remote PowerG.

The IQ Remote PowerG has been plugged in for several hours yet the Battery Level has not increased from its starting level of 66%.

Furthermore when I unplugged the IQ Remote PowerG the unit turned off immediately and did not use its battery.

Turn off the IQ-PG by holding the button down on the side for a few seconds, then select the Power Down option.

Once off, disconnect the power supply from the back. Inspect the power cable connection at the power supply to ensure it is connected correctly.

Open the battery compartment, taking care not to lose the world’s smallest screw, and inspect the battery. Make sure the terminal is clean/free of debris and that the battery is following the correct polarity.

Close up the battery compartment, reconnect to power (ensuring the barrel connector is connected all the way) and turn the IQ-PG on (hold the button for a few seconds until the red LED comes on). Once powered up, select Settings tray to check that the battery is charging. Clicking on the battery icon will show if charging and what % the battery is at. It can take up to 24 hours to fully charge.

If the IQ-PG does not show a charge of higher than 66% at that point, Remove the IQ-PG from main panel programming and Master Reset the IQ-PG.

To remove from pairing at main panel navigate to: Settings > Advanced Settings > Installation > Devices > Security Sensors > Delete Sensor

To Master reset IQ-PG: Once removed, the home screen will default to unpaired state. Click the menu dots in the upper right hand corner and select Master Reset.

Once master reset- re-pair to main panel and check battery level for improvement.

There was a plastic battery saver strip breaking the contact.

The plastic battery saver strip tab was barely protruding from the case.

Removed the plastic battery saver strip and the battery is now charging.

Glad to hear that the issue was resolved. It should take up to 24 hours or so to fully charge to 100%