IQ Pro Compatibility with IQ Remote-PG

I’m having issues pairing my new IQ Remote-PG keypads with my IQ Pro. During pairing I get a notice of unsupported device due to the software version of my IQ Pro panel (which is 4.2.3n)

If I use IQ Installer to update the firmware, it says there are no updates available even if I manually enter the patch tag to try to update it to 4.3.0. What am I missing? Is 4.3.0 supported on the IQ Pro?

I have not done this install, but when I recently installed an IQ Remote I found that I needed to pair it first via Wifi for the update to happen. I was then able to pair via Powerg.

There is no 4.3.0 for the IQ Pro at this time, it does not follow the same firmware progression as the IQ Panel 4, IQ4 Hub, and screenless IQ4.

4.2.1n is the version which included support for the IQ Remote PowerG according to the IQ Pro firmware service bulletins.

As the above post suggests, connect it to Wifi and pair that way first. Any luck?

Thanks for responding guys. I have always been trying to pair it via Wifi. During the pairing process the IQ Pro actually shows that the remote has been installed (via the installer). It’s the IQ Remote that seems to be stuck at this software check and won’t get past it to update its software and install. Is there a way to check the software version on the IQ remote before its paired?

Is there a way to check the software version on the IQ remote before its paired?

From the IQ Remote home screen, there is a button, REMOTEDETAILS under the IQ Remote panel icon. This will give you software version.

Hi Tyler, I can’t access the Home Screen on the IQ Remote until it pairs. From a factory reset the only screen available on the IQ Remote is the pairing screen. And since it won’t pair, I can’t access Home Screen.

To clarify, I’m referencing the default home screen, as shown in your image.

The REMOTEDETAILS button should be available and is behind the “Unsupported Devices” dialog box.

Thanks Tyler, ok I found it. So I guess the question is has anyone successfully paired an IQ Pro running 4.2.3n with an IQ Remote running 4.3.0 over Wifi?

Instead of Wi-Fi, have you tried pairing the IQ Remote to the panel via built in Access Point (AP)?

If not I would remove the IQ Remote IQR-PG from the main panel programming, then re-add the remote via AP mode.

Hi Tyler, I get the same results and same error message on the IQ Remote PG when I pair via AP mode. The IQ Pro adds the panel, but the IQ Remote gives the same software incompatibility message.

IQ PRO is compatible with IQR-PG remote keypad and there should be no issues with version 4.2.3n.

If the IQR-PG won’t pair via Wi-fi or AP mode Qolsys recommends the following:

  • Delete IQ Remote from main panel programming
  • Pair the IQ Remote to the IQ Pro via PowerG
  • Once paired, at the IQ Remote navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > IQRemote PG Upgrade. Run the upgrade
  • Once the upgrade is finished, delete it from main panel programming
  • Master Reset the IQ Remote
  • Re-pair via Wi-Fi

I noticed Qolsys has a short video on this topic so I am adding it here for the next person searching for a solution.

I am having this same issue. I’ve watched the Qolsys video and read all the recent TSBs on the issue.

IQ Pro updated to latest software (4.2.2n) and the IQ Remote is 4.2.3n-ADCS 1.9.0.

I’ve tried the following:

  • Connected the IQ Pro and the IQ Remote to the same wifi network and started the wifi pairing process. The IQ Pro finds the IQ Remote but the IQ Remote shows the exact error message shown above.

  • Hard reset the IQ Remote. Deleted the IQ Remote from the IQ Pro via the installer app. Turned on the IQ Pro Access Point. Connected the IQ Remote to the IQ Pro’s wifi network. Started the wifi pairing process but received the same error.

  • Hard reset the IQ Remote. Deleted the IQ Remote from the IQ Pro via the installer app. Tried to pair the IQ Pro and IQ Remote via PowerG but received the same error.

Is there some nuance to this process that I am missing?

4.3.0n is the latest version, I would recommend updating your IQ Pro firmware first, then trying the troubleshooting steps.

Compatibility Note: Your IQ Pro must be on software version 4.2.1n or higher and connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet to install this update.
1- Connect to IQ Pro utilizing the IQ Installer Interface
2- Touch “Configuration”
3- Touch “Upgrade Software”
4- Touch “Patch Tag” and enter the patch iqpro4.3.0n
5- Touch “Yes, I want to upgrade” (panel must be connected to Wi-Fi or Ethernet). Update will download and install
6- The update process will take approximately 5 minutes.

Wow, I’ve tried the automatic updates via the installer app multiple times and 4.2 was the latest version. I’ll give this a shot. Thanks!

That worked!

Any other release notes with 4.3.0?