IQ Panel Error

I keep getting error 514 when trying to connect PowerG Wireless Outdoor Contact - Surety to the IQ panel.

How can I get the device to pair with my panel?


Via what method are you trying to pair the sensor and how close to the panel are you when pairing?

PowerG pairing instructions can be found here

I am trying to use the swipe down for advanced settings

Then I get to a screen like this, but don’t know where to click Screenshot by Lightshot

I tried z wave devices, but I got the error 514

How can I manually add this device?


The PowerG contact is not a Z-wave device, which is why that is failing.

To add a PowerG sensor, please follow the steps in the guide below:

I go to: Settings > Advanced Settings > enter installer code

Once here I am not able to see: Installation > Devices > Security Sensors

See screenshots here Screenshot by Lightshot and Screenshot by Lightshot

What am I doing wrong?


If the Installation option does not display that is becuse the installer code was not used.

The Master user code and the Installer code are different codes with different access levels. In your screenshot the Master user code is being entered.

If you have forgotten the installer code, it can be reset remotely in the system manager here.

Thanks, that worked!

I am trying to add the sensor name, but I do not see my sensor appearing.

I want to add this sensor to my back gate, but I don’t see the option to do so. How can I add it here Screenshot by Lightshot


The sensor is named during programming in the sensor name field.

To start navigate to:

  1. Settings
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Enter Installer Code
  4. Installation
  5. Devices
  6. Security Sensors

Follow the steps in the below guide to program a PowerG sensor with your panel:

PG9312 - Add Battery during Auto Learn Mode to initiate the pairing process.

I am following these steps Screenshot by Lightshot but am having issues.

When I change it to powerG then the settings look like this Screenshot by Lightshot

What do I input here?


Sensor Groups for Door contacts can be found here:

The group dictates how that sensor behaves. You would choose the group that best describes what action you expect from that gate sensor.

What is the use case?

Should it trigger an alarm, or just be used to notify when it opens/closes?

Sensor Input: Reed Switch indicates the sensor will use the internal reed switch with external magnet to track the opening/closing of the door, or gate in this case. Is that how you intend to use the device?

I want to install this PowerG Wireless Outdoor Contact - Surety so anytime someone opens a gate I get alerted

What settings do I need here to add this to my IQ panel?


To start navigate to:

  1. Settings
  2. Advanced Settings
  3. Enter Installer Code
  4. Installation
  5. Devices
  6. Security Sensors
  7. Add Sensor
  • Source Field: PowerG
  • Sensor DL ID: enter the sensor’s 7-digit ID printed on the sensor (and on the box)
  • Sensor Group: 25 Local Safety Sensor
    • If you just want to get alerted when the gate opens/closes but does not cause an alarm to trigger, set the group to 25 Local Safety Sensor . When programmed this way, this sensor does not report or trigger an alarm. This is a chime only sensor when “Activity Monitoring” is active in, regardless of panel status.
  • Sensor Input: Reed Switch
    • IF using the included magnet to simply track the opening/closing of the gate.
  • Sensor Reports During Disarm: As desired
  • Anti-Masking: As Desired
    • Enabling this feature generates an alert when sabotage attempts are detected, such as obstruction of the sensor magnet.
  • Sensor Name: As Desired
  • Chime Type: As Desired
  • Voice Prompt: As Desired

Once the sensor has been added to programming wait a few minutes then test for functionality.

I got it all set up, but in the IQ panel it keeps showing the gate is open Screenshot by Lightshot

This is how it is installed Screenshot by Lightshot and Screenshot by Lightshot

What am I doing wrong?


To assist better, what is the name of the sensor in programming?

To troubleshoot:

  • If you open the gate, does the sensor report status to the panel?

  • What is the gap between the sensor and magnet?

    • Do not place the magnet more than 44.5 mm (1.75 in) from the marked
      side of the device
    • Ensure the magnet is mounted on the correct side of the sensor.
  • Is the magnet mounted on the correct side of the sensor?

    • If it is, did the sensor report correctly to the panel when close to the panel during testing before mounting?
  • With the panel disarmed, If you tamper the sensor, does a tamper report to the panel?

This is for the back gate sensor

It always shows the door is open and never shows it closed.

The gap between the sensor and magnet is less than one inch.

Yes the magnet is mounted on the correct side. I did not test before mounting.

How can I tamper the sensor to see if it reports to panel?


How can I tamper the sensor to see if it reports to panel?

Remove the cover from the sensor, remove the mounting screw and pull it from the mount. Does it report a tamper? Double check the seven digit ID on the sensor and be sure it is correct in the panel programming for that zone.

I did not test before mounting.

In general, always test to be sure the sensor is signaling via tampering the sensor or opening and closing it before mounting.

Take the sensor and the magnet off the mounted spot and try just holding them next to each other and open/close them. Do they trigger open and close at the panel?

It looks like that sensor may be mounted at ground level, for signaling that should be mounted higher on the gate generally, not at the ground.

I out these on backwards. How can I remove this Screenshot by Lightshot

I have tried with a flat head screwdriver, but it will not come off.


The magnet snaps onto its mounting plate and is removable with a flat head screwdriver in the top slot. You’ll need a small flat head screwdriver and then when slotted in, lever forward to pop it off.

I am trying, but it will not budge. Do you have a video of this?

I don’t want to break the device.

Unfortunately no we do not have a video on how to take the sensor off/apart. It should come off in the method described above however. Below is an installation video which may help.