IQ Panel Beeps Twice An Hour

My Qolsys IQ Panel beeps (a series of beeps) twice an hour, every hour, during the day. It does not beep at night. It is always the same time (around the 25 mark and the 55 mark). I have looked through the settings but cannot figure out why it is doing this.

Any help is appreciated.


Take a look at your panel Status for alerts. The reason for any trouble beeps or alerts would be located there.

Press the status button on the home screen. Check both the current status page and the alerts page. What alerts does it list?

It’s not the jammer notification is it? What kind of beep is it?

Not that dolphin sound correct? (Panel tamper)

Check for Customer Trouble Conditions. This will tell exactly what is causing the beeps on the panel since Alerts locally can be acknowledged and erased. It is probably a low battery or a tamper of a sensor trouble.

The trouble condition should also appear in the alerts at the top of the user site.