IQ Panel 4 pairing IQ Siren

I am having difficulties pairing an IQ Siren to the IQ Panel 4. When I am in the screen to add the Z Wave device, there is no “pair” button to select, just “include”. I have tried using multiple codes (1111, 2222, 1234). Each time I run the program using the “include” button, it searches but does not find the device, then times out. I do not have any other Z Wave devices.The siren only has one button on it to place it in the discoverable mode.

When I am in the screen to add the Z Wave device, there is no “pair” button to select, just “include”.

Include is the pair button.

Press Include. While the panel is listening for a device, press the learn button on the Z-wave Device.

Z-wave devices can only be learned into one network. A device may have a prior parent network saved, and will not pair if that is the case. In that case, you must just do a clear device first.

Follow the steps here to Clear, then re-add the device.

That worked. I had to clear it first.

A new issue I am having is connecting to Control 4. I have followed the process by Qolsys but the tech can not find the panel IP. I can see the IP address on the panel and in a search on FING app, but if I try to ping the panel I get no reply. Any idea why I can not ping?

Pinging the panel from a pc will not get a reply. I’m not able to ping an IQ Panel 4 or 2+ here regardless of having Remote Access turned on.

I would look at your settings to make sure remote access is enabled. Then look at your network. How is your network laid out? What router do you use? Is it a mesh network? (Avoid mesh for your security components)

The Control4 and IQ Panel must be on the same LAN.

Got it. Looks like I need to wait for a software update to version 4.1. Qolsys has not idea how long this will take.

Same problem when attempting to pair (include) the IQ Siren. After plugging in the Siren, the panel doesn’t recognize it when I attempt to Clear It (pushing the button on the siren). Nor does it recognize it when I try to add it. The Siren has power and alarms if I hold in the button long enough? Any suggestions? Thanks.

Please follow the steps here to first remove the device, then add it.

If still having trouble, how far away from the panel is the Z-wave device you are adding?

Panel was about 8 feet away and after moving it a bit closer, it finally paired. Thanks for the quick reply back Jason!