IQ Panel 4 not connecting to Smartthings hub as a secondary Z-wave controller

Great news!

Hey, Did you ever end up getting it working with Homeseer?

Sorry for the long delay, was in South Korea for several weeks. I kept putting off the experiment to completely rebuild my Z-Wave network with the paired Primary/Secondary HomeSeer/IQ4 Panel because several of my Z-Wave devices are old GE and Intermetec devices where the device and the controller have to be within inches of each other to join. Rather than go through all that pain I re-examined what it was that I wanted to achieve by having dual Z-Wave Controllers and realized that I like using Homeseer for automation and don’t really want to rely on for that. What I really want is to have status info of my Qolsys System provided to my Homeseer System so I dug and researched ways to do that. I now have Homeseer looking for and reacting to Arm/Disarm emails from so that it is aware of the Alarm System being set or not. Homeseer in turn can communicate that information to Blue Iris so everyone is relatively synchronized! This sync is not instantaneous of course but emails are fairly promt (no more than a minute in my experience) so for my purposes this is all I really need. And best of all I don’t need to rebuild and optimize my Z-Wave network all over again with dual controllers!