IQ Panel 4, homelink, Genie Aladdin Connect integration

currently my garage door opens by Homelink in my car, in addition to the hardwired garage button and the 2 remotes. i was thinking of adding a Genie Aladdin Connect since it can be added as a garage door accessory. i see it as an option in

if i return from shopping and Homelink auto opens the garage door, will that trigger an unauthorized opening? or will the Panel 4 see it as authorized and not set off an alarm? or will it see my phone in proximity and disarm the panel?

bottom line is want to integrate my garage door to my overall security and home automation.

Some clarification:

Genie Aladdin Connect is a door automation option allowing you to view the state of the door and send commands to open/close, it does not function an an alarm sensor or communicate with the IQ Panel. Homelink is not integrated with any function or the alarm panel.

If you have an alarm sensor on a garage door, we typically recommend it to be a notification only sensor, Group 25, which never causes alarms. False alarms occur more frequently when you program an exterior garage door as an alarm entry zone.

That said, if you do use it as an alarm sensor, you can use the Bluetooth disarming option on the IQ Panel to disarm. This requires your phone to be turned on and bluetooth enabled.