IQ Panel 2+ Bluetooth Disarm

How reliable is the Bluetooth disarm feature? Is it safe/reliable enough to enable this feature on all iPhones in my household that consists of 2 adults and two teenagers? How does it work with multiple people/phones leaving and arriving back at the house at random times throughout the day?

Also how close to the panel do you have to be to disarm it? If the kids enter through the front door, but my panel is near the garage door entrance (say 20 feet away) will it be disabled when they enter?

Range will be based on your construction and layout, but I would expect it to reach that far. Bluetooth disarm may or may not work for you, but despite the goal of making things easier, it does take a little ongoing effort to ensure it works the way you want, especially with a large family of users.

Bluetooth disarm will only disarm the system if armed in Away mode, but this means that if you use Away mode to arm motion detectors in the home at night, or If someone leaves their phone at home and you arm Away, you will see issues. Bluetooth disarm can and often does disarm the system unexpectedly in that case.

The system cannot tell why connection is lost and regained. So if a phone restarts, or if Bluetooth is turned off and on again, or if it just disconnects briefly for any reason it can disarm the system when it connects.