IQ Panel 2+ Laggy

I’ve been having off and on issues with our IQ Panel 2 Plus. Essentially, functions from the touchscreen are sometimes delayed when doing things like disabling the alarm with a passcode.

For example if the passcode is six digits and I start typing them in, only the first two digits register and then there’s a delay of several seconds before the panel catches up and allows the remaining numbers to be entered. This usually causes the panel to register an incorrect entry.

The firmware is up-to-date. Is this a sign the hardware is starting to fail? I’ve run self test on the panel and everything passes fine.


Happy to assist!

First, perform an extended power cycle, 10+ minutes, fully powering down the unit. Steps on how to do so safely can be found here:

You can also clean the touchscreen using the clean function. Finger oils, prints, dirt, etc. will buildup over time causing the screen to be imprecise. Navigate to Settings > Clean Screen. This will give you 30 seconds to wipe it down with a microfiber cloth and the screen will become inactive.

After following the above steps, arm/disarm the system. Any change?