IQ Panel 2 Issue

Ticket # 72704. My system is about 2 weeks from hitting the 2 year mark. Just last night it lost contact with several smoke detectors and started chirping. It’s like a Windows machine, reboot it and the problem temporarily goes away.

I moved this to a new topic as it was tangentially related to the original post. Looks like we followed up to the original ticket (72704) but did not receive a reply. From that reply:

Which sensors are dropping off? Are you receiving a malfunction, offline, or a loss of supervision trouble condition?

More information on the trouble condition and how to resolve can be found here.

How far away from the panel are these sensors?

Currently not seeing any trouble conditions on the account. I am showing 3 smoke detectors on the account,

  • were all three not connected?
  • Was there a specific warning message at the panel?
  • was there an LED lit up on the smoke(s) and if so what color?

If I’m not mistaken, the panel cannot “chirp”, the smokes and carbons will though. They will not chirp if communication is lost (I’m positive about this on dsc/tyco/powerG units) instead they only chirp when new batteries are put in and it turns on or the current batteries are low. For whatever reason, the panel does NOT display “low battery” on smoke detectors and carbon detectors, the latest iq4 on the latest firmware will make a shrill “beep beep” if there is a trouble condition on any device, previous versions wouldn’t.

Lost communication will give a green/yellow/red led pattern the same as a “tamper”.

As far as it behaving like windows after a reboot, it is essentially a smartphone on a wall, just like your Wi-Fi, it wouldn’t hurt to have a reboot schedule or routine for the alarm or absolutely anything electronic and “smart” for that matter.

Hopefully something in this is helpful!