IQ Panel 2 Failure

Looks like I have joined the ranks for the sudden IQ Panel 2 hardware failure. No issues, armed last night as normal, woke up this morning to a blank screen and flashing green light. I tried to tap the screen to see if there was an error and the light went dark too. A few Googles later and here I am.

I’ve unplugged and disconnected the battery to at least give it a try, but based on the threads I read, not getting my hopes up. As I expect I’ll need to order a new panel this morning, I do have a couple questions.

On the automatic backup, do we have a way to see when the last one occurred, or does Surety have to look that up? I poked around on ADC site, but didn’t see anything. Assuming a backup does exist, I assume that at least covers the sensors, just not Z Wave devices? I know I’ll have to clear the network manually for those, but wasn’t sure about the sensors.

Come to think of it, I may take advantage of this and switch to my SmartThings hub as the primary controller and have the panel as a sub (if I can remember how to do all that, been a few years since I touched a Z Wave device). Currently, the SmartThings only controls my home theater automation, and everything else is run from IQ Panel. Meh, food for thought.

Back to the questions. The panel was Armed Stay last night and still shows as such. Since it’s dead, I can’t send a disarm command. Can that be overridden somewhere so ADC shows as disarmed?

Confirmed it’s well and truly toast. Reconnected power, a couple red blinks like normal, then back to green flashing. Interestingly, at one point I held the power button for about 20 seconds just to see, and the flashing went to some manner of pattern. Something like 20 flashes then a pause. Eventually it shut down again.

One more question. Just ordered replacement panel, and I noticed when you switch to upgrade rather than new account, the product lists as IQ Panel 4 - 319.5 mhz version. I assume the panel still has powerg radio as well, correct? I was thinking I might start switching to that as replacements become needed.

Sorry to hear, but happy to help. Yes, there is an automatic backup which contains all current sensors in your list.

Backup restore cannot restore Z-wave, correct, only the RF alarm sensors.

The panel status won’t be able to update until a panel is in communication with

Yes, all versions of the IQ Panel 4 have a PowerG radio as well.

Thanks, Jason. Couple follow-ups. Does Surety load the backup before shipping in a replace/upgrade case like this? I can’t remember if you did when I went from the original panel to the IQ2 3 years ago or if I did something when it arrived.

Second, given that might current state is Armed Stay, will I need to do anything special when bringing the new panel online? Will the status just update to the new panel’s status once it’s in communication? Just making sure if I need to prepare for a triggered alarm event or the like. :slight_smile:

No, the backup would be applied after you have the panel ready. Follow the steps in the guide linked in the prior response for the backup/restore.

The steps are just to ensure an order of operations is followed so the new panel does not overwrite the backup.

No, the status will update when a new panel is connected. The ADC status is reflecting what the system is telling it. ADC does not decide when an alarm occurs, the panel does.