IQ flood sensor

I’m considering adding the IQ water sensor. As I understand it, this sensor uses the 319 frequency and is added to the panel as a security device.

Am I able to set up an alert to my phone and chime the panel in the event of water detection? I would not want to trigger an alarm.

I currently do not have a zwave capable surety plan, but I may in the future (I currently use smartthings hub and and I’d love to find a reason to add a zwave surety plan but my Samsung hub does everything i need at the moment). If I do upgrade to a zwave plan, could the flood sensor be used to trigger events ?

The Qolsys IQ Flood Sensor can be learned into the IQ Panel 2/2+ under Group 25, local safety sensor, which will not trigger an alarm or send signal to central station. You could then set up Sensor Activity for the sensor and could be notified when the probes detect water.

If I do upgrade to a z-wave plan, could the flood sensor be used to trigger events ?

Correct, you would need the Surety Home or Complete plan in order to use the RF Sensor to trigger a Z-Wave device.

An example of this would Sump Pump monitoring through

You can make changes to your Surety service plan through the System Manager section of your Surety account dashboard.

Thanks for the clarification. I wasn’t sure if an RF sensor could trigger a zwave sensor but you answered my question.