Intermatic CA3750 problem

I just added two Intermatic InTouch CA3750’s to my IQ4. I bought them because they are on the compatibility list and the only devies that will do what I’m trying to do. Which is control a compressor, electric heat, and multiple outdoor lights.

Anyway, they are supposed to have two separately controllable sets of contacts. However, it only shows up as a light switch so you can only control one set of contacts. Making this nothing but a very expensive and impractical light switch. Since it is on the compatibility list for the IQ4 panel that would mean it’s fully compatible.

How do I make this thing work properly? unfortunately does not support multi-relay switches. It may be able to be used as a DPST I believe where both are triggered simultaneously, but it will only show up in as a single switch.

If a Z-wave switch has multiple relays or functions, generally only the first will be available in We’ve requested support for multi-relays and scene controllers quite a few times.

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This is what I feared. Any suggestions for usable single pole relays?

Depending on your use case, the Intermatic may be best to use anyway, I don’t know any other compatible line multi-voltage options.

Find devices officially supported by ADC here.

From what I understand any single switch or relay should work fine with the Qolsys IQ panels. Is this true?

Yes, the vast majority will work given their simplicity. Most report the same parameters in the same way.

There can be exceptions. Avoid Cooper switches. If you find something you might want to use, check the model number on our support forum here to see if there are any reports about it.

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