Interesting programming challenge

I’d like to be able to set up different arming rules for the exterior rollup garage door for stay and away.

It’s not unheard of for me to want to get into the garage while the system is armed stay but since the door between the house and garage is an entry door, I need to disarm the system first. What would be helpful is if I could not alarm that door during stay and rather alarm the rollup door as the exterior entry point.

In the away scenario, ideally, both should be alarmed so that I’m protecting my race car and the tools in the garage. I’m not sure how feasible that is due to the potential exposure for false alarms by opening the rollup and not getting inside to disarm the system on time. For the most part, we use the mobile app for arm/disarm/unlock etc. but I’d hate to set myself up for potential issues and be forced to remember to use the app at all times. However if a delay can be set differently for one external sensor as opposed to the other entries then maybe?

The panel is a Qolsys but not sure that matters at all.

Any thoughts?


Me and another user talked about this for windows in this thread.

Group 16 should do what you need, but you want to read the caveat Ryan wrote.
I also set my Garage to kitchen door on this group and it does what you want. The system will ignore it in arm stay but in arm away it acts as an instant alarm sensor.

Edit: looking at the user name from the original thread it looks like you were the other user :). Anyway it should do the same thing as the windows would.

Hey Donato, yep that was me.

Putting the interior door in group 16 might work but that leaves the challenge of the roll up door being a trigger that’s far from the panel to disarm if we don’t have (or forget to use) the mobile app. We don’t park in there except for my toys but occasionally will open that to drop something off before coming in and that’s the exposure.

Might be a training opportunity lol.

Ideally I could set a different entry/exit delay for the roll up door on its own but don’t see a way to do that.

If you want the overhead door to be used as an entry point, you could use sensor group 12, which is the Entry/Exit Long Delay. Under the Timers menu (Settings - Installation - Timers) you can extend the entry delay up to 4 minutes.

Ah there we go :slight_smile: Group 16 for the interior door, so unarmed while in stay mode, and group 12 for the overhead with a custom delay. That sounds perfect.

Getting this system customized just the way I want it, and with all the automation stuff rolled into one, just shows me I definitely made the right choice going with you guys and

Thanks so much for the help!

Customization is definitely a big benefit of going DIY. You are of course welcome!

J.P. I am looking at the same thing with my garage door. If it comes to it I may add an IQ2 just inside the house next to the garage to kitchen door.

This way if the rollup is an entry delay the interior door being group 16 would allow me to open it and get to the panel.

My main panel isn’t far from there already so don’t need an IQ2 to fill in but I was thinking of a cam in the garage. Don’t think motions will work since it’s hot as hades in there during the summer. I also need to swap the lock on the interior door for another Z-wave one. I have all the exterior doors on keyless z-wave Yale locks but in the garage I’ll put one that’s keyed for the “just in case it all goes to hell” factor so I can still get in. That’s all in phase two of the system along with some lighting control so will be a month or so to get that rolling.

FYI, I reprogrammed those doors last night and it seemed to work as advertised. The only odd thing with setting a long delay exit is that it affects the countdown exit timer for the whole system, not just that single door. I guess on the surface of it that makes sense since the system can’t be half armed but something to take into account in case you’re thinking of making the delay on that door very long.

The long exit delay can be shortened to a normal value while still retaining an extended entry delay if the exit delay does not need to be lengthened.

Tell me more…

I set the overhead door to group 12, which is extended delay and the interior door to group 16 like other sensors I already have set up that way. I didn’t change any other values but now when I arm the system “stay” (I didn’t see away yet), the exit delay is more than the 60 seconds that it was…

Under Timers - Long Entry/Exit allows you to specify both the entry and the exit delay. Exit delay can be set to 60 (defaults at 120)

Right, I saw that and my statement was that the entire system now arms at the length of the long delay setting after I put one sensor into that zone. I get that I can change the value in long delay.

My post was more just a comment on the system behavior after moving a sensor into that zone and not so much a complaint about the behavior or a question as to how to remediate it :slight_smile: