Icons disappear on IQ Panel 4

On my IQ Panel 4, I’ve noticed over the past several months (and firmware versions) that after being powered up for more than a few days, the icons for both the weather information and in other areas of the system (such as the scenes shortcuts) stop appearing. Rebooting the panel resolves the issue.

Is there a way to fix this so I don’t have to reboot the panel every few days?

Before Reboot:

After Reboot

That’s an odd one, I haven’t seen that myself. There is actually one new firmware version, and it contains an important cell connection update so it should be applied anyway, can you try that first and check to see if the icons issue is still there or resolved?

The icons/features you are referencing specifically are automatically synced by ADC, sent to the panel, so communication may play a part.

Will try updating the firmware and share back what happens after a few days.

@jwcsurety Unfortunately, just came home and saw no icons present on my panel… The icons reappeared once the panel was rebooted. (I did update the firmware as advised 5 day ago).

Alright, thank you. Shortly before you rebooted, about an hour or so, I see the automated daily weather data command from ADC.

I haven’t gotten confirmation from ADC, but my guess is the icons are being impacted during that daily command. Everything you showed originally as being affected is synced by ADC depending on your account setup, and wouldn’t otherwise show on the panel.

I just manually sent a command to sync the weather data. Did that have any effect on the icons? It might not, since this seems to only happen on some days.

So far the icons still seem to appear correctly. The manual sync you sent did not negatively affect the panel.

Alright thank you, I’m reaching out to ADC about this in the meantime please let us know if you notice the icons off and around the time you noticed it.

Following up on this - after the most recent software update applied to the panel, it seems that this has stopped occurring.

Thank you for the confirmation!