How to update PG9WLSHW8 to V1.1?

Apparently the PG9WLSHW8 needs to be on V1.1 to be able to use the NEO Hardwire Keypads and the IQ2+ panel needs to be on 2.6.1 (which can be updated through the interface on the panel). My question is how do you push the 1.1 update to the PG9WLSHW8? Thanks for the help.

Also, the IQ4 looks like it hit distribution this week and Qolsys is doing an EOL for the IQ2+. Will you guys be stocking them soon? Thanks.

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If I’m not mistaken I believe when u do the IQ panel update it pushes the update to the powerg devices itself

I’m excited for the New IQ panel 4 I found a couple videos on YouTube and can’t wait to get my hands on the new IQ panel 4 as I have 2 already ordered I found some place else but can’t wait for that

It looks like the only way to upgrade existing ones is to use DLS5 downloader software from DSC along with a pc link cable and serial to usb converter.

New stock of the PG9WLSHW8 would be shipping out with 1.1 already on it.

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How can I tell what version it is on? Will it say on a sticker? Can it be accessed on the IQ panel? OR do you need DLS to read out the version number as well? Thanks.

The version from the factory is printed on the label on the back of the unit.

Where can I get the DLS5 software from?

DLS5 software is only available from DSC directly. It is not something we are able to provide.

The PG9WLSHW8 now has firmware v1.2 that coincides with IQ4 firmware 4.1 to support HSM2018 zone expanders and HSM2300 power supply.

I purchased 2 x PG9WLSHW8 last week that shipped with v1.1 and they are not “out of date” without support for latest features. These modules are rather new in general and obviously getting a lot of on-going development attention that has already led to 2 different firmware upgrades to get rather beneficial new features in a rather short timeframe.

Given that DLS 5 software is locked by DSC support access which is available only to DSC distributors/dealers, what will Surety do to assist their DIY customers in being able to keep equipment sold by Surety up to date? Is your stance the customers need to re-buy these modules to get new firmware if they want those new features?


I’ve inquired about DLS5 access before with DSC and it was a non-starter. My experience is they’ve no intention of DLS5 being made available outside of certified installers and its official use in a DIY capacity is unfortunately limited by that.

We do not perform installation services and ongoing updates of DSC devices that require DLS5 are not available at this time. Local security installers may do it as a one time-service, but fees may be prohibitive.

Welp, just got around to setting up my new IQ4 panel with the “new” PG9WLSHW8 still on v1.1. Wired up an HSM2108 expander because it was only $25 and worth a shot. And indeed it continues to the blink module enrollment red LED despite the takeover itself Auto Learning just fine with its 8 original zones. Interesting it chose “Zone 4” thru “Zone 12” for text labels. Yes, I also upgraded the panel to 4.1.0 as well, deleted, and Auto’d the PG9 all over again.

Also, am I to assume the HSM2108 instructions about enrolling its serial # in “section [902] [001]” are DSC settings that the IQ4 would be taking care of behind the scenes?

OK, so it is May now. Are any of the PG9s in Surety inventory now getting firmware v1.2 (if I convince myself to buy a new one and I guess eBay this one off)? No, I really don’t want two PG9s on the wall just to get a few extra zones when the little HSM2108 fits so perfectly in that side clip of the PG9 case designed for it :wink:

What do you mean that they aren’t out of date? You’re able to use 1.1 with zone expanders etc?

Nope, you need v1.2 firmware for zone expander support. This is the issue I brought up about no official way to get these updated that Surety can provide and not being able to get newer features that are tied to firmware updates.

You can buy the programming cables all day long on the intranet, but access to the DSC software to do the programming is restricted to dealers. There are elicit ways to get the software if you want to go that route.


I don’t know how Surety inventories the products you sell (direct or thru 3rd-party), but I’m serious about buying another PG9WLSHW8 as long as I’m guaranteed it is already on v1.2. I need to get 12 zones working now and don’t want to chain any of them.

So can you have somebody check current inventory? The external of my shipping box for my v1.10 unit says “12-27-2021”. Anything in inventory a newer date? Then crack open and peek thru the plastic wrap on the case back to see if that date happens to be on v1.20 or not. Thx!

We are partnered with a distributor we do not stock items directly, physically checking equipment release dates/firmware is not an option unfortunately.

Compatible equipment can be purhcased from other vendors and still used with our service however.

There are several Ebay sellers with 1.2, that’s how I acquired mine.

So far in checking eBay this week there are six instances - three actually included a pic of the back barcode sticker that was either v1.00 or v1.10. The other three sellers I contacted and replied v1.10.

Can you either give me your expired/sold eBay item link or at least the seller’s ID and I’ll keep watching out for them.

Itmt, did you happen to note the mfg, date on your shipping box sticker? How long ago was it?

I took Tyler’s advice and talked to some other online outlets (incl. a couple competitors) and they are all in the same boat - “We contract out of a 3rd-party warehouse that cannot check/verify this for you”. One offered to buy then accept return, but at my (understandable) $20 return shipping cost.

No problem, I bought one from this guy below and he has one left. I’d assume it’s also 1.2.

As far as the manufacture date I’m not sure, I actually just tossed the box. I just messaged sellers on ebay asking them to check the firmware stickers and found three sellers with 1.2

Yeah, I also hit that guy up back on Tues and he confirmed his last one is just v1.10. I’ll PM you if you don’t mind.

So just curious (for others watching this) - Have you added an expander to your v1.20 takeover? If so, any issues? And with Qolsys or another panel vendor?

I have not added a zone expander yet, I run two PG9WLSHW8’s. One in the basement, one in the garage. So haven’t run out of zones quite yet. I wanted 1.2 specifically for keypads with prox tags, but eventually the ability to add zone expanders.