How to update PG9WLSHW8 to V1.1?

Bump. Curious if anyone has a v1.20 takeover panel now and have gotten the HSM2018 expander to work?

Just wanted to be sure before I go buy another panel for $140+ and hope that it already has v1.20 firmware or keep playing the return/re$tock game. Unfortunately, every panel posted on eBay over the past 6 mos. now has all been confirmed older firmwares :neutral_face:

@jwcsurety Would DSC allow you (Surety) to provide the updated firmware from their website without providing the DLS 5 software?

DLS5 is a firmware installation utility and the firmware download is initiated within the software UI.

If we happen to have the software, do you have a guide on connecting to the unit and performing the update?

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DSC has this firmware update guide on the website page for the PG9WLSHW8 -

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Could we get firmware updates notifications with changelogs in the Product Update section for the PG9WLSHW8 like we do for the panels?

You might be able to find something directly through the DLS5 software but after speaking with DSC representatives, it does not appear that they release patch notes or make announcements regarding new firmware release dates.

If that changes or we’re able to get that info, I would be happy to post it