How to Get Started with Surety and 2GIG Go!Control, GC2, and GC2e

Getting Started with 4G LTE

Surety provides service for compatible alarm systems, including the 2GIG Go!Control series of panels.

With an unregistered, compatible, 4G LTE module you would only need to activate your system by purchasing a service plan and following our setup steps. This process can take as little as 5 minutes!

If you already have an unregistered module , Click here to get started!

Not sure if your module is 3G or 4G LTE? Check out the below guide:

You can use this Module Check Tool to see if your existing 4G LTE module is eligible for service. If your module is 4G LTE but registered, you will need to talk to your current service provider about getting it unregistered, this it typically done during the account cancellation process.

Need a new 4G LTE module for the Go!Control? We got you covered here.

Keep in mind, the newest 4G LTE modules require your 2GIG Go!Control panel to be at firmware version 1.19+.

If your panel is currently connected to service, ask your service provider if an Over the Air(OTA) update can be sent to upgrade the firmware.

If your panel is not connected to service, or not communicating, you will need a 2GIG USB Firmware Update Cable and a PC to update the firmware locally. Find that cable and more information here.

Connecting the panel to service

Once you have an unregistered 4G LTE module , you will need to get it connected to service to begin monitoring.

To begin, purchase the service plan that best suits your needs.

Once you have a service plan, and are ready to activate, you will login to your Surety account, access System Manager . The website will walk you through creating your new account and connecting the panel to service.

You will need your module’s 15-digit IMEI number. Not sure where to find it? This guide will show you how!

Programming the System

The below guides cover the most common sensor types for 2GIG Programming:

Similarly, Z-Wave devices can be cleared and added directly from the 2GIG panel

Additionally, the below guide is a great resource if you are looking to setup a Z-Wave network and would like to know best practices

Staying up to date with Firmware

2GIG Go!Control, GC2, and GC2e firmware can be updated by the 2GIG USB Firmware Update Cable or via an Over the Air Update (OTA) if connected to service.

Note: The GC2e uses panel specific firmware, so keep that in mind.

You can find steps on how to update the firmware, along with patch notes, in the below guide. Subscribing to the thread will allow you to be notified when new firmware inforamtion is added:

2GIG Go!Contrl, GC2 Firmware

2GIG GC2e Firmware

How to Test Your Alarm System with Surety