How to enroll/test Image Sensor with Simon XT?

Hi, I need to leave here in 2 days. I added an image sensor last year to Simon XT V1.4, and never tested it. It’s listed as one of the sensors, so it is added to the system, however I never tested it’s functioning, or it’s comm with the panel or with

I cannot find any information about this. I remember seeing something last year about a “temporary subscription with to activate/confirm operation of the image sensor”. I never did that, so it’s probably the next step. I’m an ADC customer.

Searched for a long time on site for support/manuals/guides. All I can find is promotional content. Do they not have a hardware support page?

It shows up as
“Sensor 39 Group 15 IS HW” (this is the daughterboard I believe), and
“Sensor 38 Group 17 IS1” (this is the image sensor)

The online installation guide cryptically says: “6. Register Module and Test- Power the panel and initiate a comm-test to ensure the module is properly installed and communicating with the NOC.”

It goes on to say in the next step “b. Verify RF communication prior to mounting-To verify RF signal strength, tamper
sensor and place near mounting location. Activate PIR for 2 minutes. Check signal
strength report at panel under “System Programming”  “Interactive Services” 
“Image Sensor Setup”  “Image Sensor Settings”  “Image Sensor #[X]”  [signal

There is no tamper sensor in image sensor that I can see, so I removed battery, reinserted. Activate ifared for 2 mins? This did not work.

Under "Interactive Services, I have: Sensor Reporting Test, GSM Module Status, AVM/GSM Test
When I go into Sensor reporting test, it replies back ""putting account on test…***Error***Can’t get web

Thank You!

It appears I cannot edit or delete posts. I’m thinking probably I need to get on the service which allows images to upload. Then, I should be able to “peak in” and take an “on demand” photo. I guess that would show it’s working ok. I would like to find another way in case I cannot upgrade my service till after I leave. Thanks.

I had someone upgrade you to Gold Interactive earlier today so everything is set up for you to use the image sensor.

It looks like we can communicate with the image sensor daughter board on your Simon XT but the daughter board is not communicating with the image sensor. Do you currently have the image sensor powered on? If so, how far is it located from the control panel?

Attached are the most recent installation guide and troubleshooting guide to make sure we’re looking at the same documentation.

ImageSensorDocumentationV4-2.pdf (683 KB)

ImageSensorRFSignalStrengh-1.pdf (421 KB)

Yes, all good news. You guys are amazing, keeping the watchful eye, 24x7.

Once service upgrades to cam monitoring, ADC starts talking to the sensor, and a new tab appears for the Image Sensor.
So I guess anyone who’s thinking of putting in a camera sensor, maybe make sure you have the service upgraded already, or the installation process will not go very far past listing it in the sensor list.

Thanks so much!