How do I enroll the Temperature Sensor?

The ADC-S2000-T-RB Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) is slightly different than other Z-Wave devices in that it doesn’t respond to network rediscoveries, and must be learned in after all other Z-wave devices.

To enroll the Remote Temperature Sensor (RTS) into a Z-Wave network:

  1. Enroll all of your other Z-Wave devices in the network.
  2. Verify the panel and all Z-Wave devices are in their final location.
  3. Run a network rediscovery. This can take several minutes to complete, depending on how many Z-Wave devices are enrolled.
  4. Put the panel in Z-Wave add mode.
  5. Once in its final location, press the pairing button on the Remote Temperature Sensor. The white light on the Remote Temperature Sensor lights up when it is enrolled.


If the preceding steps do not successfully enroll the RTS, try the following steps.

Remove and re-enroll the RTS

To remove and re-enroll the RTS:

  1. Put the panel into Z-Wave delete mode.
  2. Press the pairing button on the Remote Temperature Sensor to remove the sensor’s Z-Wave network information.
  3. Try to enroll the RTS in the panel’s Z-Wave network.
Verify compatibility

If that doesn’t help, verify the RTS is compatible with the system it’s being enrolled into.

Compatible panels and required firmware are listed below:

Panel type Minimum required version
Interlogix Simon XT/XTi Module version 183
Interlogix Concord 4 Module version 183 (CDMA), 183 (HSPA)
Interlogix NX Module version 183
DSC Impassa Module version 181b
DSC PowerSeries Neo Module version 183
2GIG Go!Control 2 Panel version 1.13
2GIG GC3 Panel version 3.2.0
SEM-Honeywell/ADEMCO Vista All SEM versions
SEM-DSC PowerSeries All SEM versions
Qolsys IQ Panel 2 / IQ Panel 2 Plus Panel version 2.2.1
Improve Z-Wave communication

To improve Z-Wave communication:

  1. Add a Z-Wave repeater to the network.
  2. Place the Z-Wave repeater between the RTS and the closest Z-Wave device.
  3. Run a network rediscovery.
  4. Try to enroll the RTS in the panel’s Z-Wave network.
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