Honeywell Motion sensor false alarms

I have a new qolsys IQ2 system that I installed in a brand new house. All the doors/windows are hardwired so I have a few hardwire 16 modules to keep as much as possible hardwired. Everything has been working great except for one motion sensor ( Honeywell IS3035 PIR Motion Detector) in our rec room that keeps triggering a false alarm. There are a lot of window in the room, though the only window that is visible from the sensor is about 19’ away. There are no curtains in the windows so there is a bright (warm) spot on the floor as the sun moves across the sky in the morning. Could this be the source of my false alarm? I was told that sensors couldn’t go through glass, but I can’t think of too many other reasons for this repeating false alarm. Perhaps I should have purchsed the more expensive dual tech motion sensors?? Any help would be appreciated!

Dual Tech microwave sensors are usually a good bet if you run into odd false alarms from non standard object movement. If you have morning sunlight flashing across the lens, that might cause false alarms.

Are the alarms always occurring around the same time?

Hello Jason, sorry for the delayed response. Yes, it looks like the alarms are all late morning.

Not easy to move since it is a hardwired motion, but I would suggest either trying to face it a different direction or if not possible, try a Dual Microwave detector. The description does sound like an environmental cause

Ok, so I replaced the motion sensor with a Honeywell Dual Tec 7450 motion sensor. I tested it out this morning and still got a false alarm within 30 min or so. It is an overcast day, so the sunlight/shadows are minimal. Could it be a problem with how I am wiring it? I am using the EOL resistor at the device itself instead of in the hardwire 16 case just to keep it more tidy.

Are you using EOL Learn mode to use existing resistors? Or are you using the default 4.7kohm resistors included with the HW16?

I am using the default resistors that come with the hardwire 16.

Also not sure if this is normal…or perhaps an insight to the problem. My motion detector often show “activated” even when nobody is in the house. See attached photo…

I took this screenshot about 10-15 minutes after I left the house.

That activated status is normal and do not necessarily indicate anything strange here. The Activated status in lasts for about an hour. Actual current status for a motion detector is useless as it only opens momentarily then closes again, unlike a door or window which can be left open and remain in one of two states.

Alarm events from the sensor mean that it is being triggered at that moment.

Do you have any pets, cats in particular?

No pets :frowning:

It is possible that the window it is facing is the cause, but I think that is a bit odd for a Dual Tech. Any vents nearby? Anything hanging in the room that might move and disturb PIR background? Low-hanging fans? (I’m reaching a bit here)

How high up on the wall is it mounted?

So the motion is about 7’ off the ground and there is a ceiling fan about 9-10’ off the ground? Here is a pic from the perspective of the motion. The french doors are in direct line of sight. No close by vents, but they are there…

The door is about 19’ away…

Hmm, is the fan on when you notice the false alarms? Is it strong enough to knock papers to the floor off the wall or desk? I’m not confident it would be sensitive enough to capture that, but in the absence of other explanations, that looks like a possibility given the room.

I could have been on but it only runs on low, so it moves just fast enough to circulate air. Doesn’t agitate papers and such. I will test later today.