HomeSeer and Qolsys

So ADC didn’t have all the functionality I’m looking for, but I still want to use it. I’m setting up HomeSeer and I can’t for the life of me find a way to link them together. I read somewhere that the Qolsys has to be the primary controller else you lose all ADC control over Z-Wave (still true?) but anyways as soon as I put the Qolsys in Include mode, HS times out and can’t do the secure link, and then I can’t exclude HS from the Qolsys so I have to factory reset the HS stick, which kills the Z-Wave network, and then I need to re-include all my Z-Wave devices in the Qolsys…

As you can see by my rambling it just doesn’t work. Did anyone integrate these two together, and if so, how?

Thank you!

I read somewhere that the Qolsys has to be the primary controller else you lose all ADC control over Z-Wave (still true?)

No, I think the thread you saw was regarding the original IQ Panel, FYI, not the IQ Panel 2. Also, firmware 1.6.1 I think fixed this on the original IQ Panel.

Are you using a Qolsys IQ Panel gen 1, or the IQ Panel 2/2+?

It’s a 2+. Well I think if I can use the HS controller as primary it should be much easier to setup the Qolsys as secondary.

Here is a how to regarding IQ Panel 2+ and Smart Things

Similar process for other controllers.

This seems to all work perfectly. I can’t control my door lock though as the Qolsys says it was paired in non secure mode, I’m not sure how to fix that.

I can validate it says Secure on HS4.

In some cases the controller may not share secure keys properly. This may be a limitation of the Primary. I’m not seeing a related Surety account. Your dealer can try to request the secure keys through dealer tools, but I don’t have a very good success record using that. Worth a shot though.

Nope, I’m in Canada so I’m forced to pay too much. I’ll check with that info, thank you!

Update for everyone, found on another thread the idea of redoing the Add Controller process a second time, and it worked flawlessly. The last thing I need to fix is that the lock, while able to be controlled by the Qolsys panel and ADC, will not report status to Qolsys since it only reports to the primary controller. Anyone knows how to set a polling interval on Qolsys?

Unfortunately you are not able to set any manual polling for the lock in the IQ Panel.

Are you able to have your Homeseer relay status to secondary controllers?

That’s too easy, how didn’t I think of that.

Walkthrough to setup HomeSeer HS4 with a Qolsys IQ2+ Panel

  1. Setup all your devices in Homeseer (remove them from the IQ2 first!)
  2. In Homeseer Z-Wave Controller Management, execute the Send Network Information to another Controller command with the HS Z-Wave stick close to the IQ panel
  3. On the IQ panel with Advanced Z-Wave settings enabled, touch “Add/Remove Controller” under Dealer - Install - Z-Wave devices
  4. Wait for the operation to complete
  5. Check status of locks and lights
  6. If you have issues, repeat steps 2 to 5 - if it still doesn’t work, get the HS Z-Wave interface as close as possible (within 3 feet) of the IQ panel and try again
  7. You should have full control of all Z-Wave devices both from HS4 and the IQ2+ panel/ADC
  8. To ensure status gets populated for the IQ panel and on ADC, click on your device in HS4, then Z-Wave, then Manage
  9. Under Associations, click Update, then drop down to Association Group 2, add your IQ panel, then Add Association
  10. Make sure to optimize then backup your network in HS4.

Hey, that’s fantastic, thanks for confirming and for the write-up! I haven’t tried HomeSeer myself glad to know it’s a good option for an additional controller!