Help completing the Switch to Surety

I finished updating Firmware today, installed new 4G module into my 2GIG GoControl Panel and finished setting up my account. Cell Test passed…How do I get the Zwave to reconnect to all my devices? it doesn’t seem to recognize any of my 3-Z721 Cameras, Skybell, Thermostat, Door locks, light switches or motion detectors. Everything was still stored in the panel I thought? or Do I have to remove everything and reinstall and if so, how? :frowning: Nick

I don’t see any equipment at all connected to your alarm panel.

Note that cameras and Skybell are not connected to the panel, but directly to ADC via your internet, and they must be manually assigned to the account. Go to the video page in to get started with cameras.

For the Skybell, visit the Video Doorbell page in the mobile app to link it to your account.

Did you factory reset your panel? That is not necessary for the process of getting started.

There is also one situation where the 2GIG GC2 will be reset via firmware. If you downgrade from 1.14 + firmware to a lower version the panel will be factory defaulted.

Did you update firmware more than once? It wouldn’t default the panel going directly to 1.19.3 like you have now.

Are those sensors and devices still visible in your panel?

I did not factory reset panel…
I updated firmware, first to 1.9.6 and after that flashed, updated again to 1.19. Both Passed and Cell Phone test passed as well.
There are no sensors visible in my panel except for static controller.

I updated firmware, first to 1.9.6 and after that flashed, updated again to 1.19.

Ok, that is likely the issue. If you already had a firmware version 1.14 or later, applying 1.9.6 first (which is much older) would default the panel. You would only need to apply 1.9.6 if your firmware is older than that to start with.

Unfortunately that would indeed default all settings and devices. Sensors would need to be learned back in, and Z-wave devices will need to go through the clearing and pairing process.

This thread on our support site lists out programming steps for common 2GIG Sensors. There are step by step instructions as well as tutorial videos.

For Z-wave devices (those are light switches, locks, thermostats) you would need to first Remove them. I know they are not in the panel, but that doesn’t matter, the Z-wave devices themselves save parent network data, and the Remove Device process clears that, even if the device is not actually paired in the panel.

So for Z-wave devices, go to Services > Z-wave > Wrench Icon > Installer Code > Remove Devices. Press the pair button/process on the device you want to clear, the panel will beep and display that a device was cleared, then you can clear another device. One by one clear all Z-wave devices, then go back through an add them.