Had Two IQ2 Remotes Fail in 1-1/2 years

My Qolsys system was installed in June 2020 and my first remote panel failed while still under warranty and was replaced. The second just failed yesterday and maybe is a year old. I just have a dimly lit grey screen and the first one failed the same way.

Is there another alternative or could I use another main panel. If not I’ll scrap this system first before I buy a new remote panel.

Seeing the same failure is suspicious and odd. Did you use the same power cable and plug in power supply for the replacement keypad as the first?

How long is your power cable for that? Is it just using the included cable or are you using existing older keypad wiring in the wall?

Other compatible options as of firmware 2.6 are below:

PowerG KP141
PowerG KP241

I used the new power adapter included with the new panel. The remote panel sits on a chest in my bedroom, the power adapter is plugged in to a receptacle behind the chest. It’s just the adapter and it’s wire. My hardwired doors and windows device converter board is plugged into the same 120v circuit in my closet. I don’t have any weird power issues, a generator or solar panels either.

Thank you, that’s very strange. Looking at your account, it appears you actually have a dual path broadband failure status for your main panel.

Is your secondary keypad connected via AP mode on the panel? What router are you using?

If you power down the IQ Remote, leave it powered off and unplugged for 20 minutes, any change when powering back up?

Jason, I’ve have some good new. It been unplugged since it stopped working and the battery had gone dead. I plugged it back in, the battery charged back up, it turned on then connected to the main panel and is working properly.

My router is an Asus AC1750 and I have my Qolsys system on its own 2.4 ghz guest network and nothing else uses that network connection. I don’t know what the dual broadband failures are.

I’m not sure but if AP means Access Point it’s disabled on my main IQ panel.

I would like to find out what causes this and I’m sure you would like to also. If there’s anything else to check just let me know.

That’s good news.

You have an issue with your network, or the IQ Panel wifi. After some tests, the panel is able to send signals to Alarm.com via broadband, but it is not receiving data over broadband, only cell.

This can mean that the router is blocking those requests.

First try adding the IQ Panel to a non-guest network. Then let me know when done so I can test.

Both are on my main network. Now the 2.4 and 5 ghz networks use the same SSID. Both panels are connected to the 5 ghz band when I look on the device list on my router.

No good, same issue. I sent a command to reset the dual path settings as well and the issue still exists.

I think a firmware update will be required here. Use the instructions here to make sure you are updated to the latest version:

Software update is complete.

Looks like that trouble condition is no longer showing on the account.