GE Light Switch no longer working after power failure

I have many GE light switches installed and after a recent power failure 2 of them no longer work. They now have a blinking blue light. I saw you can reset these things by clicking the switch 10 times after pushing the reset button. I was hoping not to do a full reset and pairing. Is there any easier way to reconnect to my 2GIG GC2 system?

What is the model number of those switches?

Some GE switches have been reported behaving this way after a power outage in rare occasions. This usually signifies a failure of an internal component.

Older models seem particularly susceptible, like the 12722.

The next step to try would be to remove and re-add as you mention, but that may not work if those are experiencing a hardware failure.

Jason, thanks for the quick reply! They are both indeed first generation GE Switches model 12722. It happened one time in the past on one of the switch and somehow it started working again. This time no luck though. Can you direct me to an appropriate video on how to remove and then add a switch? It has been years since I did this. Thanks.

Removal and adding steps for the GC2 can be found here.