Z-wave light switches went offline

I have 3 -wave light switches that went offline one by one over the last 4-5 hours…
Any idea why and how I can remedy this?

I have sent some commands to resync the Z-Wave devices, please wait about 5 minutes for the commands to take effect.

More infomation on malfucntions (or offline) can be found here.

If after about 5-10 minutes the devices still arent functioning and are reporting malfunction/offline, perform the following troubleshooting steps:

First power cycle the panel. To do so:

  • Disarm the System
  • Navigate to Settings > Advanced Settings > Power Down. Once off,
  • Unplug the Power Supply from the wall
  • Open the panel and disconnect the internal battery
  • Leave the panel completely off for at least 2 minutes
  • After 2 minutes minimum, plug in the battery and power supply

After boot up, wait 5 minutes then delete and re-add the Z-Wave devices one by one. Once all devices have been re-added. Run a Z-Wave network Rediscovery. Steps on how to accomplish this can be found below:

After re-adding and running a Z-Wave rediscovery, any change?

Thank you for your reply. I suspect that there was a power surge as all GE Z-wave light switches went offline around same time. I followed your instructions and rebooted the Qolsys panel… then deleted the switches from the panel. The blue light on each switch is still blinking and I tried to cutting power to them via fuse at the electrical box as well as pulling the air gap … no change and Qolsys still does not recognize them.
Any ideas besides replacing them?

I am no longer seeing them in ADC which indicates they were successfully cleared from the network.

Some z-wave devices need to be factory reset before they can be added. Do you know the part numbers? The installation manuals for those specific devices may indicate this.

it is GE 12722 and it seems as no factory reset based on my search… unless you have something.

This is a somewhat common issue reported with that model after power outages. I’ve seen reference to hardware failure a lot online for those from power surges.

Thank you Jason… ended up replacing the switches… no way to reset and they just burned out during the power surge… one thing is that Master bedroom switch is not showing up in my ADC account… I even rebooted the panel and deleted it and added again… anything you can do to help?

Yes, I sent a device sync command for you to make sure ADC has an updated device list from the panel. Looks like it is in your account now.

If you see this again, you can send the same command from the system manager here, using the Sync Z-wave Devices option.

thank u so much… i am all set