GE Concord 4

Would like to look into landline self monitoring alternatives for a Concord 4 system I installed about 15 years ago. I currently do not have a cellular module for it. Used this system, with landline, to dial my mobile phone only. I’d like to keep this type of setup.

If this system is compatible with Surety, would I be able to just self monitor? Have the system notify/dial me via my mobile phone without call center?

Looks like the cellular module for this system in ‘low stock’ and not able to be ordered. Is this likely to change?

U can use the concord 4 with self monitor plan but u would have to get a cellular module for it u could even look at upgrading to the IQ panel 4 still use the self monitoring option through surety as Interlogix. No longer makes burglar alarms so finding parts and such for that concord will be hard to do as time goes on

We do not perform landline monitoring. All of our service is through at this time, so a compatible 4G LTE cellular module would be required.

I do not believe it is likely that we will see more stock of the Concord 4 modules, though there may still be some available through some vendors online.

Sorry, I guess maybe I wasn’t clear. I am actually looking for an alternative to landline.
Cellular or something else, but not landline.

Jason, do you know what vendors those might be?

Also, if I were to find a 4G LTE module, I would be able to use your service for self monitoring? As in having the alarm communicate directly with me and not a call center?

Look on eBay but make sure ur able to get the IMEI to check see if it’s clear first also check alarmgrid or Geoarm r a couple of companys

The alarm panel can’t communicate directly with your Phone. An cellular module communicates directly with, and you manage notifications for various system events in your account. ADC then notifies you when the events occur, by your chosen method, SMS, email, and/or push notification.

I can’t confirm availability for other vendors. Look for the CD-421-US-VZ

Ok thanks.

I understand the panel won’t directly communicate to my Phone. I am fine with it going through ADC, as long as I am the one receiving the notifications and not a call center.

I’ll look for a CD-421-US-VZ.

Thanks for the info.

Taking a quick look, it’s going be very hard to actually track one of these modules down.