Gate Sensor Setting off Alarm

Hello can you look at my gate Side Gate sensor on my Ridefield account. I thought i had it set to notify me when the gate was opened, however it is setting off the Alarm. I just wanted the notification, not the Alarm. Is this something you could fix remotely, or do I have to do it at the panel?


It’s currently set to trigger an alarm. We can change it for you remotely but we can only do it when the panel is disarmed. Let us know when it’s disarmed and we’ll give it a shot.

Or you can do it at the panel. Change the alarm type from perimeter to no response.

Hi Roy…I disarmed it, if you could do it remotely I would appreciate it. Thanks for the prompt reply.

Ok, you should be good to go.

Roy thank you

Can you look at this again. It is now not even registering that the gate has been opened or closed. Thus I am not getting notifications of gate entries.

Nothing since Roy made the change on 4/30…

Whoops. It looks like I changed it to “non-reporting” when meant to make it “no-response”. Sorry about that. I’d fix it now but I need the system disarmed first. :grimacing:

Ok great…I just got this, so I assume you are gone for the evening…We can do it in the morning. Thanks

It looks like the command was actually sent and acknowledged last night. Your sensor is showing the correct intended programming.

Great thanks Jason!

I just noticed I still have not been receiving notifications from the side gate sensor. It is not even registering in the history as being open or closed. Can you please recheck the setting.

Thank you

The side gate sensor is not currently included in your Sensor Activity notification. You’ll need to edit it and check the box next to Side Gate.

Got it. Thanks Roy

Ok selected the sensor and I can see it showing up, but still am not being notified when the gate is opened/closed…Can you see anything else it could be? Thanks

Hmm, I am not seeing any open events for that sensor. What model of sensor is on the gate?

Can you send us a private message with a photo of that sensor while the gate is closed?

Jason I will when I am at the location. Thanks

Ok finally made it back to the location to test the gate sensor. I did a walk test and it is responding correctly, however it still doesnt show up in my activity/history, nor does it notify me…thank you

Were you able to grab a photo of the sensor while the gate is closed?

Also, can you please confirm the model number of that sensor? This is important as I remember seeing issues with some units from the early runs of the 2GIG Outdoor contact.

Darn it I forgot you wanted a picture. I will get one tonight. I guess what is confusing me is if the panel is recognizing the sensor on the walk test, why is it not showing up in the activity log and not notifying me…thanks