Garage door controllers

Hey guys:

I just bought and installed a Qolsys IQ Panel and am trying to figure out which way to go as far as controlling/monitoring my garage door.

What are the pros and cons of the Linear GD00Z-4 vs a MYQ setup?

I’m leaning towards the GD00Z-4 for 2 reasons:

1.) From what I’ve read it communicates with the Qolsys panel, whereas a MYQ system doesn’t. I realize the MYQ will still work through
2.) I have a 1993-ish garage door opener with dip switches and no learn button so in order to use a MYQ system I would have to buy/install a new garage door opener. I’m hoping the GD00Z-4 will work with my current opener since it uses the wired button inputs.

Are there any functions I would be giving up by not going with a MYQ setup?


P.S. I’m loving the Surety prices and monitoring service so far. Getting rid of Vivint was the best thing I ever did for my alarm system. Boy did they make it hard to cancel too. They are like car salsemen…

From what I’ve read it communicates with the Qolsys panel, whereas a MYQ system doesn’t. I realize the MYQ will still work through

The MyQ option would not connect directly to the panel at all, so no you would not have control from the panel if that is desired.

I’m hoping the GD00Z-4 will work with my current opener since it uses the wired button inputs.

There are exceptions to compatibility for the GD00Z-4, what model number of overhead controller do you currently have?

Are there any functions I would be giving up by not going with a MYQ setup?

Latency is typically less of a concern with MyQ as the remote commands are not sent via cellular, so you might notice a little quicker response from MyQ, but not by too much. This is also irrelevant if you have your panel connected to wifi for dual path.

My current overhead controller is an old Genie G2500. It has no learn button. My house was built in 1993 and I’m guessing my Genie was manufactured around then too.

My IQ Panel is connected through wifi as well.

Thanks for the very quick response :slight_smile:

Linear does call out that it is compatible with most systems made after 1993. I think that the legal requirement for safety eyes on the opener track may be the cutoff.

That model overhead is likely compatible, but make sure that you have safety eyes to halt and reverse door.

It does have the safety eyes. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks for your help.

Let us know back here how it worked out please.

Will do.

Is the Linear GD00Z-4 compatible with through the qolsys panel? Last year it wasn’t, is it now compatible? I sure hope so as being able to control the garage door from both panel and is ideal.

~ Paul

Ok. So it worked like a charm. Qolsys panel recognized it instantly as a garage door controller. I can now monitor and open & close my garage door from the panel, my phone, and the internet. Install took all of about 20 minutes.

Mine came as a GD00Z-5.

So it works through Thanks.

Yes. Works with both and the Qolsys panel.

Threesixes - I just added two of the Linear controllers to my Qolsys panel, too, and everything seems to be working great. The only odd thing I see is that it appears that either the controller or the sensors are going into some sort of “sleep mode” a few hours after last activity, which is triggering an e-mail notification from ADC that states, “The Jason’s Garage Door is Offline as of…”

Are you seeing this same behavior? Doesn’t seem to impede any functionality at all - I can still open and close the doors. Just more of a nuisance than anything.


Intermittent “Offline” for a device is going to mean that status messages are failing intermittently. Typically the best resolution is adding one or more repeating nodes to ensure mesh network strength.

Another common issue is adding a device without running a network rediscovery. Whenever a new device(s) is added, be sure to run a network rediscovery which maps wireless routes for communication. Settings -> Installation -> Home Control Devices -> Rediscover Network.

Thanks for the tip, Warren. I was not previously aware of the need to run the network rediscovery. I knocked that out successfully as soon as I ready your post. Unfortunately, it’s still happening very consistently. 25 minutes after the door has activity (regardless of how the activity is triggered) I get the offline message. I can successfully issue a command from the panel or the web to raise or lower the door and it immediately responds and the sensor comes back online. Same is true if I activate the door from the legacy pushbutton switch (“doorbell” switch). Both doors are showing the same behavior 100% of the time. I don’t think it’s a comm issue because it always happens at or about 25 minutes after the last activity and because I’ve never had any issues at all getting either door to move from the panel (even when the sensor is reporting that it’s offline). Any other thoughts? Thanks again!

What version of IQ Panel firmware are you using? You’ll need at least 1.6.1 for full support. You can find this on the “About” page on the IQ Panel.

I’m on 1.6.2-ADCS 5.6-ADCL 5.6 with a build date of 05122016

Can you confirm the model number of the Linear Garage openers? Are they GD00Z-4 or GD00Z-5?

Both Linear Garage openers are GD00Z-4.

Firmware and equipment should be compatible then. Have you installed a plug-in z-wave repeating node? Does this fix the issue?

I haven’t tried installing a plug-in Z-wave node, but am glad to try it. I tend to think it’s probably not a signal strength issue because both devices stay “offline” once I get the notification from ADC until I open the door - either through an ADC scene execution, pressing the physical “doorbell” button attached to the opener, or activating the door with one of the Craftsman RF openers. As soon as the any of those three things activates the door, I get the “back online” notification from ADC - instantly and 100% of the time. Likewise, after some period of time, they’ll go back offline 100% of the time. Aside from the odd offline/online notification, I’m getting fantastic performance. Absolutely no problems at all getting the panel to control the doors!

Thanks, guys, for your continued willingness to help me try and sort this thing out. I do appreciate it!