Frontpoint to Surety - correct procedure

There is already bunch of questions on this and this one from 2016 (link below) seems to address some of my questions but raised another one.

I am long out of contract with Frontpoint and I will switch my Simon XT panel to IQ Panel 4, Power G, 319.5. My specific question is if it is best to transition from XT to IQ while under Frontpoint service or do it after switching to surety?

Also is it possible to maintain any information (like historrical data on energy usage) after the switch, since presumably the backend data is the same at


The only way that old data can be transitioned in any way is if the provider you currently have supports account transfers. Not all do, and I don’t believe the one you mentioned does as far as I know. You would have to reach out to them for confirmation.

Read more here:

If they do not support transfers, you would be activating a new account through Surety, which is the standard process, and you would just activate the new panel with us.

To make sure I understand, I think you are saying it is better/easier to not use the new panel with the old provider at all and just introduce it to surety and add sensors anz z-wave things after the switch. Yes?

Correct. There are no backup restore options in between the two panels types anyway, the new panel would need to be manually programmed in either case.