For Small Business, what do I need to buy

Hi, I’m new to the DIY alarm system and I’m wondering if a Surety rep could give me a list of things I need to buy to start fresh for my small business.

My restaurant has been with ADT Business for the last 7 years and I’ve been thinking about switching due to the unreliable system that didn’t trigger the alarm during break-ins and the fact that each sensor costs $99 plus a $99 installation fee. They also won’t let me buy it from a cheaper 3rd party to add it to my current system.

Please let me know which Surety panel I need to buy to get started. if you have any window shock sensor, door sensor, window sensor, or motion detector recommendations that would be great as well :slight_smile: :herb:

I also want to know if the ADT equipment I own is compatible with any SURETY panels

I will attach photos of my current ADT panel and sensors. I don’t have the exact model numbers but I will also attach photos of what I think they are.

Currently, I have 1 ADT panel, 3 motion sensors, 2 door sensors (not pictured), 3 glass break detectors

Based on my photos, I think I have these below:

For the panel I have ADT Safewatch Pro 3000, I read online that there is a way to reset it to Honeywell VISTA 20P by replacing a chip. If I did succeed, can I use the Honeywell Vista 20P with Surety or do I need to buy a new panel from Surety Products regardless?

Thank you so much for answering all the questions I have. Truly appreciate it.

**In summary, I’d like to know **

1. If I can use the current ADT panel with Surety Alarm by replacing a part and resetting it as Honeywell Vista 20P

2. If not, which panel should I buy from Surety to get started; are there any Surety panels that are compatible with ADT (all Honeywell brand) sensors and glass break detectors I own

Happy to help! Existing 5800 series wireless Honeywell sensors would be compatible with the 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4, found below. They could be programmed into the panel without any additional hardware. If you have any wired sensors a wired to wireless translator can cover those.

I would recommend the IQ Panel option.

Alternatively, the Honeywell Vista 20P panel is compatible with our service by way of the system enhancement module. The ADC-SEM300 would be needed.

A guide on the SEM compatibility and setup is below.

The SEM is more complicated to install and setup. But if you are considering replacing the prom chip then this would be the way to use the Vista 20P.

Just a quick FYI, the motion detector in your photo looks like it is installed upside down. Here is a link to the manual for installation reference.

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Hi @jwcsurety ,

So the ADT panel I have can indeed be used :face_with_monocle: thank you for including how to use with an enhancement model!

I will probably end up buying the IQ panel because like you said, replacing the prom chip seems more complicated.

However, I just want to confirm one more thing before I purchase the IQ panel,

So all of my motion sensors, glass break detectors, and the door/window sensors (even though these weren’t pictured) should all be compatible with the IQ Panel 4 because they are compatible with the current panel I own? Or should I get photos of door/window sensor to make sure?

Thanks again for your help :potted_plant:

I would recommend double checking the door and window sensors to determine if they are wired or wireless sensors. Wired sensors would need a wired to wireless translator.

If they are wireless 5800 series Honeywell sensors, those are compatible with the 345Mhz version of the panel linked above. If you provide the model number of any sensors we can help confirm compatibility.

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thank you very much Jason! I will double check the door/window sensor

I can’t believe they installed the motion upside down the motion needs flipped so it can look out and down also I would recommend moving the motion in to the corner so it can look more

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Also I would recommend if u plan on keeping with vista that u replace the keypad with a English display 6160 keypad so that u can program zone names to display instead of seeing zone 8 or what have u

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Ok got it thanks Charlie!!

I found that these are what is used on our doors at the business, is this compatible with the IQ panel?

If yes, I’d like to buy a few more of these off Amazon and add it to the business and my home (my house has Surety, my business ADT).
I’ve heard that it isn’t good to have bunch of sensors by different brands but is it okay to add these sensors to my house? My house has a few door sensors already but i think those are IQ brand while my shock sensors are PowerG.


Yes those will work with the IQ 345 panel or u could also purchase dsc powerg sensors u can have different brands as long they r compatible with ur panel course as long ur fine with it

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Those Honeywell 5816 sensors would be compatible with the 345Mhz version of the IQ Panel 4. The 345 version is linked here.

Thank you both! Perfect so the 345 version of IQ panel 4 is compatible with all the sensors (door, motion, glass break) I have at the business.

Last question, this is about monitoring. I have Surety Alarm for my home and the monitoring center only calls my cell before dispatching the police. Is there a way to add a couple more numbers to the list so they can go down the list of calling those numbers before dispatching the police?

Thanks again in advance!

You can add/adjust contact numbers for the monitoring station at any time in the system manager here for any active accounts. Visit the Professional Monitoring tab to find the options.

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Thank you so much :sob: and sorry this is like my last question, is this sensor compatible with 345 version IQ panel 4?

Probably, 5800 Series sensors are generally expected to work, but that specific model number is not officially tested according to the compatibility guide. See below.