Firmware update notification

How does the average Joe Schmuck know when there is a 2Gig firmware update available? Is there a notification on the panel…maybe an email. Will Amanda call us all, individually and let us know?

I honestly couldn’t tell you what version I have and what the latest version is.

PS - I kid about Amanda calling.

Good point. Let’s make this topic serve that purpose. When 1.12 is released we’ll post it in this topic… and then 1.13 and each firmware release after that. Subscribe to this topic and you’ll receive a notification.

I’ve heard that 1.12 was delayed so we’re probably looking at another month or two before it’s released.

Please notify firmware update

Heard anything?

Nothing new to report yet, we’ll post here when a new firmware becomes available.

please notify

Still no word on when the new firmware will be available. has sent out an email saying that Firmware 1.12 is now available for OTA upgrades. You might want to check on that.

You’re correct. V1.12 is available. Sort of…

As with V1.10 and V1.10.1 the latest firmware has been made available through OTA pushes (which cost $15) prior to being available for download. We expect V1.12 to be available for download within a few weeks though, as V1.13 is slated to come out before the year is over. We will announce it loudly when we have the free download available, but since OTA pushes often cause problems, take forever and are relatively expensive in comparison, we aren’t really talking about it now. If you’d like us to push an update, its possible, so let us know ( or via Live Chat). If you can hold on a bit longer though we will have it for free (hopefully) very shortly.

Worth noting is that V1.12 adds Portuguese and Go Bridge support. But the Go Bridge is still not available. The Go Bridge is also on our “we expect it soon” list, but I assume it may be slightly longer as it involves not only releasing, but shipping out to distributors before we’re able to make it available.

My advice is to hold tight till the downloads are available and we have definite knowledge of what is included in V1.12.

Looks like today is the day! I’ll update this thread later this evening when V1.12 is available for free on our website.

Exciting! Did they include release notes? Would like to understand if it’s worth doing if I don’t have a Go Bridge (and don’t speak Portuguese :slight_smile: )

Release notes haven’t been made available as of yet. I’m hopeful they will be up this evening as well.

Finally! Here’s the link for 2GIG Go!Control firmware 1.12.

Release notes are not available yet.

Where do we find download instructions? GoControl manual? Happen to know the page? That thing is a bit hard to navigate. J

Agreed. Ryan just posted to the actual firmware update. We have everything here. The instructions are shown third from the top and here.

There is a PDF in the zip file with the instructions.

So Far this is all I have seen in regards to release notes.

Seems for the Frontend:

V1.12 adds support for broadband communication capability via the Go!Bridge (adds dual communication for cellular and WIFI), Portuguese language, minor UI changes, etc. This update is only for CP, TS1 version is 1.10.

And on the Backend:

New Advanced Remote Commands Now Available for 2GIG

Go!Control 2gig_panel
A new firmware release for 2GIG Go!Control Panels will make installation and system maintenance right from your mobile device easier than ever. The new 1.12 firmware delivers more remote capabilities so you can now enjoy:

Quicker Installation
Put the 2GIG panel in Add or Delete Mode directly from the Dealer Website or MobileTech. When the Remote Add or Delete Mode command is sent, the panel will stay in that Mode until you exit, allowing you to continuously add devices without additional steps in-between.

Improved Z-Wave Network Stability
Perform a remote Rediscovery from the Dealer Website or MobileTech to help assure the stability of the mesh network. Run this when you complete an installation or have recently added, removed, or moved devices in the network. Remote Rediscoveries will take approximately 5 minutes and vary depending on the size and complexity of the network.

Long-Term Tracking and System Performance Diagnosis
With 1.12, you now have the ability to request and analyze diagnostic counters of a Z-Wave network.

These new features will help make your installations more efficient and provide an even smoother customer experience.

Hi can u please update my firmware to the new 1.12 via OTA I understand the 15 charge , Thank You

Will this firmware fix the z-wave lighting issue where you can’t tell if your lights are on or off in the app?