firmware 1.13

Did 2GIG release firmware 1.13? My new panel included this…

Firmware 1.13 quick programming guide:

Nope. Not yet. Still eagerly awaiting an update, but V1.10.1 is the most current version at the moment.

Why is 2GIG making the 1.13 programming guide available on their site, and with new panels?

Must be eminent release…

I would love that to be the case. But, we’re still waiting on V1.12 with dual path functionality. Then V1.13 should be released some time after that. (V1.11 was a custom release for one large specific dealer.)


Fairly certain it wasn’t. Not sure for whom though. Did not add any notable features like V1.12 and V1.13 are scheduled to add. We’re definitely watching out for a new release.

A friend is reporting he has the 2GIG firmware 1.13 Production, got it off the linear ftp site. It only includes the CP firmware, not TS1. I’ll see if I can get a copy of the 1.13 firmware/URL link later.

Definitely looks like Linear/2GIG is planning to release 1.13

As for dual path…you mean wifi/cellular? I am not sure how that can be done…I was not under the impression the 2GIG CP21 panels were even equipped with a 802.11b/g/n/ac 2.4ghz or 5ghz radio or antenna…that could be software enabled.

If anything…I would think dual path capability would be a feature of the GC3 (which wouldn’t use the same firmware as the GO!Control CP).

Internet communication for the Go!Control panel is to be accomplished with a separate IP communicator, but as with the GC3, no substantial light has been shined on it yet.

Where is the IP communicator supposed to go? Unless its a hybrid cell module, or it inserts into the port for the POTS module on the cp21 MB, there is no place for it to be installed. For it to work (WiFi), the hardware radio has to be added to the MB (motherboard).

…unless its gonna be like a new transceiver, or some kind of wireless transmitter like from router to communicator to 345mhz/900mhz/802.11 transceiver or something, but that just seeems very convoluted and unneccessarily difficult (when they can just release a CP31 with it built in).

I dont see it happening, unless a CP31 panel is released, least not for the original GC (CP1/CP2) panel.

I dont see Linear/2GIG releasing another CP panel version with the GC3 around the corner.

The Go!Bridge is slated to use the XCVR2-345 Transceiver to wirelessly relay commands. Think of it as a non-interactive TS1 that connects to wifi to forward signals.

Not sure when it was released… but v1.13 is out for the gocontrol panel. The package includes v1.13 for the ts1 unit. No changelog… anyone have a list of updates? Also, aside from a push via ADC, have we found a was to locally update the panel via a gobridge?

The release notes are available here. We’ll have the new firmware available on our site by tomorrow. Awaiting official word on the Go!Bridge and will update here when I’ve got information on how/when/if it will be doable.

Great, thanks Amanda!

V1.13 is now available at the normal locations on our site, but here is the direct link. Note that V1.13 is not yet available via OTA pushes.

Currently upgrade options are limited to OTA Push through and the update cable. It is the first firmware using the Go!Bridge, so I imagine new update options would be implemented for future releases.

Is there an updated list with the new descriptors on it?

This is the latest programming guide from 2GIG, which has the most recently released programming list I’ve seen, on page 4.

summary of changes in v1.13

V1.13 adds new voice descriptors, adds Linear Zwave garage door opener remote support for GD00Z, linear zwave wall mount siren/strobe support (WA105DBZ-1), new/renamed equip codes, Q83 expansion for time/date/temp, new Q97 sound selection option, adds Uplink cellular remote services, improved navigation to energy information, new programming options for Go! Bridge (Q92)


can you elaborate more on the purpose of the (Q97) sound selection option added?

Given its description I would guess it ties in with Closing Reports somehow, but I haven’t been able to confirm it actually changes anything when I test. I have requested word from 2GIG engineers as tech support has no info on this yet for 1.13. Not surprising since it just came out.