Fire / Smoke Certificate Settings?


Is it possible for the Surety insurance certificate to correctly show that in addition to intrusion detection (burg alarm) monitoring, that I also have monitored Fire / Smoke detectors? If so, how?

I have several 2Gig Fire / Smoke detectors linked to my 2 Gig Panel. They appear to be listed in device settings as Panic Alarms (which may be the problem). Although, I am pretty sure I was told to set them as panic alarms when I first got the system. Is there another option that I am not aware of?


They should not be programmed as Panic buttons.

Program them as a fire alarm zone, either Zone type (9) Fire, or type (16) Fire with Verification. They will then be recognized automatically and the certificate will indicate their presence. Allow a few hours after making the change before pulling the certificate.

Here are instructions for adding a Smoke Detector to a GC2