Failed Cell Phone Test

My cell phone test fails. If I am on AT&T and the module is Verizon, is that a problem?

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No, your personal cell phone account is unrelated to the alarm panel cellular signaling.

The only potential impact is if you use the same carrier and have a cell network extender in the home.

It looks like the related system has started communication, and I see manual cell tests in your history. Are you still having any trouble at this time?

My IQ panel shows Verizon carrier but with no connection. I am trying to set up existing panel system (rental home with existing panel/system) but it won’t connect to do Cellular testing ( I also have ATT)
What do I do to reset and activate the system?

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The cellular carrier used by the panel communicator is not impacted by your personal phone carrier. Cell service is included in the subscription through Surety.

It looks like your panel is communicating at this time successfully, reporting a solid signal strength and no longer having cellular issues. Did you factory reset the panel?

If so and you need to program sensors, a guide for a 319.5Mhz panel is found below:

I was able to perform a ‘reboot’ and connections then occurred.
I am having issues connecting Skybell video. Doorbell flashes green/red but not getting it to connect with my wifi or phone yet.
I think I will try rebooting doorbell and get fresh set of indicator lights.

Steps to pair a Skybell are below, but it looks like one was recently added successfully on your account.