Entry Delay Beep Help

My Qolsys IQ 2 Panel is located in the mudroom where we enter from the garage most of the time. When entering that way we can easily hear the entry delay beeps and we know to unarm the alarm system. When our cleaning lady or mother in law enters from the front door, sometimes the beep goes unheard resulting in a false alarm.

Is there a device I can locate closer to the front door that will also beep like the panel in the mudroom? I would like to place said device in a hidden location since we don’t want another panel or wall wart at the front door foyer.

Turning the volume up even louder at the panel isn’t a good option as our 4 year old’s room is close to the mudroom and we don’t want to wake him up when napping.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Well, the IQ Panel 2 does support Anker 3102 speakers as of 2.2.0 firmware, but the bulletin indicates that it supports remote voice annunciation, chimes, and Two-Way Voice. It does not specify following Entry Delay Beeps. We will double check with Qolsys on this for you and report back.

Thanks Jason! I kinda hate to rely on a Bluetooth connected speaker. The distance and walls between those 2 locations may make that an unreliable solution unfortunately.

Any other ideas?

What about something along the lines of a Zwave mechanical or electrical chime that would sound a chime when the front door is opened and the alarm is set to an armed state. I could possibly put the chime in the coat closet in the foyer at the front door and set it loud enough to get your attention and remind you to go to the panel located in the mudroom. I assume I could pair the zwave chime to the panel and write a rule for it to pull this off.

That’s just an idea. Thoughts?

What about a Z-wave plug similar to this…


Then plug in a volume adjustable noise maker of some sort. Wouldn’t want it to be too loud.

I could also plug this in an outlet in the coat closet near the front door foyer.

You wouldn’t be able to follow entry delay beeps with a Z-wave solution, but you could use it to turn on a switch/appliance module whenever the door is opened via an automation rule.

Please use this page to determine officially compatible devices.

Like you said, you would then use it to power a noise-maker which would activate upon power up. You could then set a second rule which turns off the switch upon disarm.